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Today, I saw the girl I had started dating changed her Facebook relationship status to "In a relationship". Naturally, I changed mine too. The next time I logged on, she had commented, "Really?! Who?!" She was serious. FML
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HAHAHAHA poor guy :( apparently you arent dating?

FML needs a category called "Social Networking Site Miscommunications." :-/


HAHAHAHA poor guy :( apparently you arent dating?

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Yep, I am replying to #1 to be seen on top, go ahead bury me...I want you to. OP: Obviously you aren't "dating" her, dating involves "going out" not just going up to her and saying "hi" and then leaving like im sure you were doing

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How would you know what he was doing? He said dating....and im pretty sure everyone knows what dating is. you don't have to say some stupid shit by sounding like a dick and "explain" what dating is and assume he wasn't doing it.

dating means going out, one side may perceive going out as a couple, and the other side saw it as going out as friends

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I've heard 'he was serious' on everything. does FML add that or something?

They add it so they don't get a hundred comments saying; Maybe she was joking.

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Dating: You're doing it wrong.

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LMFAO. =P i guess she didn't know. hushh babe. :)

Should have said, "(her family member's name). What about you? Congrats, by the way!)"

You kinda deserved it for not checking your sources.

I see this same FML all the time. Always someone changing their Facebook status and either their boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating on them or they forgot. and I find it unlikely for this to be true.

i agree. well... except, it really does happen. a lot. people are freakishly stupid and/or naive.

But if she was changing her status to be in a relationship with you, you would have gotten a notification asking to change yours. Unless she wanted to hide that she was dating you, why would it have signaled that you were together?