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Today, I saw the girl I had started dating changed her Facebook relationship status to "In a relationship". Naturally, I changed mine too. The next time I logged on, she had commented, "Really?! Who?!" She was serious. FML
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  HahaYDI  |  0

Yep, I am replying to #1 to be seen on top, go ahead bury me...I want you to.
Obviously you aren't "dating" her, dating involves "going out" not just going up to her and saying "hi" and then leaving like im sure you were doing


How would you know what he was doing? He said dating....and im pretty sure everyone knows what dating is. you don't have to say some stupid shit by sounding like a dick and "explain" what dating is and assume he wasn't doing it.

By  MetalxRocker  |  0

I see this same FML all the time. Always someone changing their Facebook status and either their boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating on them or they forgot.
and I find it unlikely for this to be true.

By  SomeonePosting  |  0

But if she was changing her status to be in a relationship with you, you would have gotten a notification asking to change yours. Unless she wanted to hide that she was dating you, why would it have signaled that you were together?