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Time to 'de-friend' some of these jerks!

Who the %#%$ would make a movie about Facebook??? A movie about FML would be a lot better :). I envision a movie filled with a bunch of random skits like some guy having his bike stolen moments after buying a bike lock, a guy getting kicked in the junk after proclaiming that he's Iron Man, and a girl who has her birthday at a bar but texts the wrong address causing everybody to show up at a computer store. It'd be like Jackass but you know... better.


aww then u 2 should go get fb tgt

why would you want to see a movie about facebook? dum-bass

it's a movie about people go made Facebook. am sure you wouldn't see a lick of farmville in that flick. either way, imam go ahead and bootleg it

wow #26 u had so many flaws in ur comment that it was hard as heck to read!!!

37- you're a hypocrite. You didn't spell correctly and you didn't capitalize correctly.

yes, but I can actually understand what 37 is trying to say

that movie was actually good though, i loves it :P

Hello will ze grammar nazis stop ze bullshit. 49 that's you

Time to 'de-friend' some of these jerks!

Facebook drama.

It took me quite a long time to figure out your joke, and even longer to actually laugh at it... 

There was no joke, you retard.

goo make ur own social network thing

Yeah with blackjack, and hookers! Hope these catch on a tiny bit... plus 4 Internets to the first to get the reference.

lol futurama. I love bender

lol. that happens to me alot. really feels like shit doesn't it. lol.

what a lame waste of space on fml

does it suck to know that your "that guy"?

maybe he thought you wouldn't be interested because it's about the SOCIAL network.

well find new friends.... problem solved

Actually it's quite a good movie.