By Donewithit - United States - San Francisco
Today, my class was called to the auditorium. We were told that some asshat proctor took a picture of our testing room during out test and posted it on Facebook. Someone noticed that according to the rules, we were sitting too close to each other, so now we have to retake the whole test. FML
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  ThatOneChick856  |  36

I don't recall hearing about any rules about not taking pictures at my exams, but it does make complete sense that a rule like that exists. Why would the proctor even do that? Like, what was even the reason for doing so and then randomly posting about it online? I think the OP and other students should go above him and make a complaint. Not to mention that the proctors are the ones 100% responsible for telling the students how/where they are supposed to sit in the room they're assigned.

  hufflepuffle  |  13

At my university they take several pictures of the room before every midterm and final. This way if any students get answers that are suspiciously similar, the professor can check the pictures to see if said students were sitting near enough to each other to have cheated.

  FieryMite  |  4

If it was an exam maybe not but if it was like a state test or the ACT the entire buildings scores have to be thrown out and the teacher and or proctor lose their jobs

  KawaiiPinkie  |  11

I don't know anything about that, what I do know is that you have to have consent from every person in the picture to put it on facebook. No one ever cares about that rule but if you're taking a picture without them knowing it's a horrible thing to do!

By  deathgrips  |  16

I remember from moderating this that it was an AP exam, in which mine the proctors had to tell the students not to post about it online ..kind of ironic that the proctor fucked it up