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Today, I went to sit on the ground next to my crush at our college's free concert. Just as I took the final step toward him, somone ran into me causing me to trip and kick him in the crotch. He had to go to the emergency room. FML
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rd_less_traveled tells us more.

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hey everyone. I'm the ball kicker. To clear up a few things. 1-how i kicked his balls: My foot was halfway off the ground and i was bumped into causing me to stumble and landing my foot in his crotch. 2-why he went to the e.r: I was wearing steel toe boots (hindsight, not a good idea. but i had to go to work after class and i drop things on my feet alot and i work in a storage area. shit is heavy) 3-why i couldn't stop myself from kicking him: I have no answer for this. It was a horrible moment and I have yet to stop saying sorry. 4-how he is doing: there was no major damage to the actual testicles, but his inner thigh is bruised. In other words, he's fine. 5-he does forgive me and we went our first date the other night. and 6-about the asshole who ran into me: karma. thanks for all the advice, comments and other stuff that was said. Some of you guys are hilarious and it makes me feel better for the horrible incident.

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haha maybe he could be your girlfriend now

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He can sing higher than Justin Beiber! Ecxept have an excuse to be a flamer. It's all your fault for making another man-***** singer OP.

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well now you know he won't be forgetting you for a long time ^.^

This adds new meaning to being a ballbuster for you. =P

Look on the bright side: you won't be needin' condoms anymore!

what a wimp!! a trip to the ER for THAT?! With a pain tolerance that low, you're better off looking elsewhere for a man. WOW!! How does he handle a tummy ache...morphine???

getting kicked in the balls hard enough can make you never have kids again and can cause internal nut bleeding. I'd go to the er if it was bad enough.

He might've needed to get a ******** removed if it was damaged enough.

If a guy gets hit there hard enough he can actually bleed to death, and if he wants to have kids, going to the emergency room is a good idea to get damaging swelling down.

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did you offer to kiss them better?

this reminds me of R.J burgur...just opposite