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Today, my sister brought me coffee to my office. It was really nice so I made a status about it on Facebook. My boyfriend texted me soon after, freaking out because I never put anything on Facebook about him and how great he is. I'm basically dating a 14-year-old girl. FML
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Just make a few statuses about him and he'll get over it.

Does HE post about how great his girl is, too?


Just make a few statuses about him and he'll get over it.

People still use Facebook?

You look like you're 15, have you EVER used Facebook?... I miss the days when you had to have a college email address to join.

Sorry op, maybe he should start bringing you coffee.

People look at me like I have a second head when I tell them I don't have a facebook. My conclusion is that a lot of people still use it.

Well do you have a second head? If you do, it's pretty hard to get by with just one facebook.

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This could be the boyfriend's way of telling OP he feels underappreciated. OP should have a chat with him.

I am 17 and I'm saying it because people don't use it. I haven't in months.

skyttlz 32

Then what do people use now?

TallMist 32

#80 And I'm 17 and I'm saying just because neither you nor I use Facebook, it does not mean no one does.

Sounds about right

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Welcome to the life of men.

I wonder what he posts about you then.

Maybe he does. Actually, the real issue is probably not related to the status at all. The deeper problem may be that OP's boyfriend feels generally unappreciated or undervalued altogether. If not, he wouldn't have overreacted to something as simple as a Facebook status. Deep-rooted problems that aren't discussed and resolved usually reveal themselves in strange ways and get misinterpreted like this. (However, If he's just a socially insecure drama queen, please disregard the long, thought-out explanation)

Does HE post about how great his girl is, too?

meli1195 31

Seeing as how OP said her boyfriend, it's a pretty safe assumption to say OP is a girl..... But if OP is a guy, well then our bad

bfsd42 20

43, what??? Are you really trying to make that a homophobic comment. Get a life.

TallMist 32

#65 He's just asking where it says if OP is a girl. How is asking if the OP is also a guy homophobic? Also, I too do not see where it says OP is a girl.

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It's the principle

That doesn't sound very controlling to me. Maybe immature, but not controlling.

Insecure too. But immature and insecure can take a sharp turn into controlling in a relationship. I've experienced it.

Maybe his friends don't believe that he has a girlfriend. We've all been there before...wait, no, probably just me haha. :P

For that to happen, you have to actually get a girlfriend though

Maybe he should try bringing you coffee then! Just sayin haha

Now share this FML on your Facebook and he'll know how great he is!

xXanna_ 18

Haha I like that idea

He'd be so proud to know he's on FML now.

I never got why people need to be mentioned by others on Facebook, but he is your boyfriend and you should make him happy. So next time he does something great post it.

Simple as this. It's nothing to really freak out about. Give him a little attention and he'll get over it pretty quickly. Not too big of an FML, in my opinion.