By terrified - 08/06/2015 03:13 - United States - Union Star

Today, the amount of spiders in my house has gotten so bad that it's become routine to shake out any blankets or towels before using them. FML
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Burn it, burn it to the ground


Burn it, burn it to the ground

Kyle1dc 17

nuke it from orbit, its the only way to be sure...

Wizardo 33

Love that Linkin Park sing tbh.

randomheartthrob 7

Nickleback sings burn it to the groubd

OP isn't living in Australia, so there is no need to burn the house. If there are a lot of spiders then there are probably a lot of other insects that they eat. Mosquito netting on the windows and an extra thorough tour with the vacuum should do the trick.

Also mix peppermint oil and a bit of water and spray it or apply it with a rag to every door and window frame

I was about to say the same Damn thing. Fuck a spider...

Cyanide and happiness

In this case I would go for terminator

You live in a house from hell.

Or if you don't have money for an exterminator, and don't want to burn the house to the ground (which is probably what you should do), than go to a store and buy spider spray. You spray it all around the foundation of your house and around the doors and windows and it should stop them from coming in. The only thing is you should do it at a time when your dog (if you have one) isn't around (or take him to pee somewhere away from the house) so he doesn't get poisoned buy the stuff. Read the instructions but usually after a few hours (or a day) you can let the dog back out.

Wow, this is the first genuinely helpful comment that I've ever seen on FML!

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Lol #87 there are a lot of people on FML who are actually genuinely helpful.

That's the reason why I'm moving.

Spider-Man problems.

Only if they were radioactive. In which case you should probably let one bite you because all those abilities are probably worth the one bite. But remember, with great strength comes great responsibility.

wantmeasandwich 26

Sorry, but *power.

aracnofobia eat your heart out.

ShadowlessSpear 21

Do you English, bro?

If you have a chance to get out of the house for a night, a couple of bug bombs ought to do the trick. They're cheap and they'll gas any and all insect life in your house overnight.

Do you live in the Nopeland?

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Move out instantly, they are plotting against you. Only a drone strike can fix this problem!