By firstdategoals - 08/06/2015 03:35 - United States

Today, I went on my very first date. We went out to eat dinner and everything went great! Afterwards, I went to drop him back off at his house. I backed out of his driveway and got stuck in a ditch. His dad had to come out and tow me out. So that's how I met my boyfriend's parents. FML
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Well you sure know how to make an impression


Well you sure know how to make an impression

Yeah. Quite an impression. How did he become her boyfriend after just one date? Is that how this works now? the ditch with her car...

Ikr. You need to at least go on 2

I love the enthusiasm in the FML OP "..And it was great!"

retrospectively probably. They are probably boyfriend and girlfriend now.

Sathane 21

Pay more attention.

It's thing like this make FML stupid as fuck. All these people disliking your comment are retarded.

I agree 3. Could've been a lot worse OP.?

I thought so too. Lol. kind of a candid way of meeting, instead of a planned meeting where OP might not want to act like herself in order to impress.

Jord_Fox 14

Look on the bright side you've moved from first date to meeting parents. That's a lot of steps done in one night

But is he really her boyfriend if after the first date?

sounds like you got stuck in the mud and at least it was not horrible.

At least you didn't have to pull him out tonight

nvm atleast you met them

At least it's your 'boyfriend's' parents

Why the quotes?

well #20 maybe because it was one date...

to be very very honest if i were your boyfriend's parents i'd think you're very adorable and anyways this thing would be a great conversation starter in the future