By apparentlyawomanbeater - Switzerland - Cadempino
Today, I was on the bus during rush hour. A fly started buzzing around my head, and I swatted at it, at the exact moment the woman beside me decided to get out of her seat and put her face straight in the path of my hand. FML
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Lmao aw poor.. Both of you..
OP: ugh stupid fly! *swing arm*
Woman: Oh! My stop! *lean forward*
******* PTTTSSSHHH*****
OP: Shit hows your head?
Woman: fuck , hows your hand? I've got a pretty darn hard head.....

  THE_A_TEEN  |  27

You have got to be fucking me. Flies are flying, shit-carrying, maggot-laying pests that can annoy the Fuck out of you. Also, if one fly is killed, there are others that will take its place.

I bet you live in a pigsty.

  The_Hitdude  |  12

"Don't kill the rat! It didn't do anything to you (aside from chewing through your furniture, contaminating food and getting your son sick). Hey, look! The little guy brought some friends!"

*picks up flea colony*

"Aww, they're so cute! Oh, they're nibbling on my finger! Isn't that adorable?"
This is the mindset I interpreted when I read your comment.

By  loufol22  |  5

It's not your fault cause you didn't know she was coming and it's not her fault cause she didn't know you were gonna swing but... I have never seen someone bring a fly swatter on a bus....