By dickwebs - 22/11/2010 03:42 - Germany

Today, I was taking off my underwear to change into fresh clothes. Pulling them down, I realize there's a big fat spider in them. Not only did I have a spider chilling with my genitals the whole day, but I'm deathly afraid of them. FML
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Haha, your face must've been priceless. :P

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Did he make a web in your asscrack?


JakeDR 0

Haha, your face must've been priceless. :P

DudeImBetter 0

yeah their face when they realized what's been feeling them up the whole day was a spider, I don't believe that op didn't feel it.

awwww I bet he made a little web, where he met his wife and raised his millions of kids.

don't worry, it probably ate all the ants in your pants

How does you shot web? I think I know now...

Spider Dick! he needs to share his powers with the community so we can have a hero!

obviously you aren deathly afraid of them because you are still alive to make this post

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maybe it was living off your crabs

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119 win, nice very nice my friend

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i dont get it, was he afraid of the spider or his genitals?

gusgus36 5

that's disgusting. didn't you ever go to the bathroom and notice it then??

Unless he was taking a dump, guys often don't need to fully lower their underwear when using the restroom. There's a hole for that. Who knows how many days he's had that pair of undies on. He obviously doesn't just put on a fresh pair right after a daily shower.

104 - He might have. For all you know, the spider could have been there since just after his shower. He could have placed his underwear on the vanity, had his shower, and put the underwear on without knowing the spider made his underwear its home during the shower.

gusgus36 5

104 I didn't realize til I read other comments that it was a dude lol so yeah it would be easier to miss for a guy than for a girl. but still. even going to the bathroom might make the spider move...and be more noticeable... lol plus I am pretty sure most guys don't go all day without "adjusting" themselves... it would seem... and then you'd notice it. lol

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It's not like we routinely grab our sack and fondle it to check for spiders. Like really? Do women do that with their vag to check for ignorance and bitchiness? No of course not that's preposterous

It's sand in their ******, not ignorance and bitchiness.

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exactly! where do you think pearls come from hmm?

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I have the biggest fear of them. i can't look at pictures of them on the tv or in books...

DudeImBetter 0

yeah dude I'm scared of them too but not that bad.

o jeez I screamed like a little girl when a documentary of spiders popped up in science instead of a video on the nervous system. later I was used as an example of "severe anxiety and lack of common sense" by my science teacher. who, might I add, brought **** to school once on accident. lack of common sense my ass

hahahahahahahahaha Now that is hilarious! :D

That's really really diturbing. Gotten any action lately? Hah.

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did it actually create a "dickweb" :-/