By Anonymous - 30/05/2015 10:59 - United Kingdom

Today, tears and 3 hours on the toilet have made me reevaluate my desire for new culinary experiences. FML
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Ah the legendary 'ring of fire'

Did you try the Pu Pu Platter?


Ah the legendary 'ring of fire'

I fell into a burning ring of fire, I went down down down as the flames when higher! And it burned burned burned, the ring of fire! The ring of fire!

Time to spend the rest of the day nursing your devastated bunghole

Was this the cause or the effect in the culinary experience?

What the duck did you eat?!

Daffy Duck, obviously. He apparently took offense to being roasted and eaten. No one eats Daffy Duck and gets away with it.

Next time, cut out the middleman and chuck it straight down the toilet!

Let's get this out the way early.... 'what a shitty situation!'

Nice try "cool" boy.

Did you try the Pu Pu Platter?

sonasonic 34

He did, 3 full hours of it.

Time sharing new cuisine can be challenging, especially when saying good bye takes longer than saying hello did

Ramos808 29

Lol, what did you eat?

did u eat Indian food by any chance? And i can make this joke, because i am Indian.