By sendhelp - United States - Provo
Today, my roommates decided to do some experimental baking. To be supportive, I tried one of their creations. I've been alternating between vomiting and diarrhea for the past hour. My jaw is sore from vomiting, and I can barely muster the energy to flush between "switching sides" anymore. FML
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  Hunkapoo  |  19

actually its bad to brush your teeth immediately after vomiting, stomach acid softens enamel, and the vigorous action from the tooth brush can cause more wear. rinse your mouth real well, and wait about an hour.

  trollcrusher  |  17

Sounds like exercise to the death... I seriously hope the symptoms let up pretty soon! Not just because of the discomfort, but uncontrollably losing fluids from both ends, with no opportunity to rehydrate, sounds like it could end in hospitalization or death. I hope OP lost the symptoms or got help before any serious harm could occur.

  bcalle  |  8

Your roommates low key tried to kill you, don't trust anything they give you. If it's that severe, you either pissed them off or they are just evil. Either way they need to leave or you'll be finding yourself in this situation again