By sushi hater - 13/03/2011 18:55 - United States

Today, I went out for some very expensive sushi. Two hours later, I found myself on the toilet, violently voiding my bowels. I essentially paid to have liquid orange shit. FML
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just because it's expensive doesn't mean it's good

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orange liquid shit? you must have eaten too much fish called escolar. they have oils that we cant properly digest so you can only eat a very small amount of it. ydi for not knowing what you ordered.


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This is why all of my meat is cooked thoroughly.

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Kay, I know exactly what sushi is. Sushi is raw fish. Fish, in my opinion, is a meat. So is poultry, cattle, and any other living mammal that humans eat. Also, there was no "sexual" anything in my comment. You fail at trying to criticize me when you don't understand my comment in the first place. **** off.

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You sure do make a lot of anal torture allusions. Did your mom rape you as a kid? How about your dad? Maybe you shove a ***** up your ass to get sexual pleasure. You really need to come up with more insults; they are getting old. Have fun with mommy, dick.

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Yeah, of course my comment gets moderated. This site is bogus.

just because it's expensive doesn't mean it's good

just because it's expensive doesn't mean it's good

Don't do anything related to Japan while God is still mad at them.

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well sushi is good but still kind risky cause it could have salmonella.

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oh that sucks. if I were you, I'd be drinking the right fluids to ease your troubling stomach. good luck :(

We did not need to know about the orange liquid! GROSS!!

as you vacated your bowels, did your clench your fists as your hair grew to monolithic proportions? |the kid|

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hahaha they probably went Super Saiyan

oh god I laughed so hard when I read this.

DarkHelmet and TheNewGuy03 deserve metals somebody get these guys metals!

what sort of metals do we get, pray tell? titanium? aluminum? the anticipation is killing me! |the kid|

Awww, poor you. Sushi isn't for everyone.

only the best can handle the pure awesome power that is sushi,

Crappy. Orange? Seriously?? That would make a cool party trick and maybe put ex-lax out of business. What the hell kind of sushi did you eat?

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I'd say salmon, if it's orange. But then again, salmon isn't really that expensive for sushi.

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Raw fish is raw fish, expensive or otherwise. The cost of the meal has little to do with the actual quality of the food, and you're taking a gamble anytime you eat fish or meat that is raw, no matter how prestigious the restaurant.

Sushi isn't raw fish. Sushi is vinegar rice. Raw fish is sashimi.

Sushi can also be with vegetables or cooked fish...

Cooked meat could also be in sushi. It could've been wasabi or something else that triggered his problem.

Chances are though he had raw fish.

@oathy you know wasabi is antibacterial right? It could have been anything but the wasabi. Can't you sue the sushi shop for food poisoning or something like that?

Have fun trying to correct the whole world, because most of us are going to continue calling the combination of raw fish, veggies, and rice, 'Sushi'.

22, Apparently just by knowing the difference (which i actually had to google to check i had spelt right) i am a "Japan fanatic" ... 62, by rest of the world i presume you mean America. But seriously what the **** is up with that, i tell you the correct words and you STILL let your ignorance take hold?

o.0 expensive = not always good sushi = yummy, but depends on QUALITY food poisoning = you can sue them

Sue them? You sir, are an idiot. 1) It's disgusting that you believe you have the right to sue any time something doesn't go your way. 2) Do you know why you never read about big lawsuits being won over food poisoning? It's nearly impossible to prove why you became ill and then to be 100% sure of where.

I just lost 7 IQ points reading your comment.

"Violently voiding;" nice use of alliteration there. really adds to the imagery.