By stop thief - 26/06/2014 15:11 - United States - Aurora

Today, someone stole my laptop from my car. However, they were nice enough to relock the doors after they smashed in the window. FML
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never leave valuables in plain sight in a car. its unfortunate but ydi

"a car alarm! I'd better go see if someone's car is being robbed" said no one ever.


Kind thief strikes again. OP, hopefully the police can figure out who took it. FYL

Or possibly they were locked in the first place.. hence the broken window?

The FML literally says that they RELOCKED the doors.

To be honest though I say they deserved it. They chose to leave the laptop in their car. I know by now not to leave my phone, laptop ect in my car. It's common sense.

I know it is stupid to leave valuables in your car (you can leave them in my car, i don't mind ^_~), but you still don't deserve to have your car broken into. That's like saying if you choke on your food you deserve it because you were eating. Unless OP is evil or something she didn't deserve this. But OP is also an idiot for leaving the laptop in the car.

44 - yes we understand that the fml litterly said that, however unless the op was there when they done that, then how did they know? (the theives probably just didnt use the door at all and it remained locked since they can still reach in to steal it)

Sounds like you need Dexter Morgan...

61, litterly? This FML clearly states nothing about cat litter.

I don't understand why he would leave his laptop in the car though :/ especially out in the open

never leave valuables in plain sight in a car. its unfortunate but ydi

My car has been broken with absolutely nothing was left visible. Some cars are just targets.

It's not clearly stated in the FML that her laptop was in plain sight. It's possible the thief just got "lucky" and found the laptop after randomly deciding to break into OP's car.

Keep the laptops and all everything valuable for that matter in your trunk. And hope OP have some means to track the laptop in case that guy connects to internet. Btw OP, don't forget to change your online account passwords in case any of them were saved in the laptop.

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#34 If I put my laptop in a trunk it would melt.

#36 If anything the trunk is probably cooler than the car interior itself. At the most, it'd likely be the same temperature.

no one deserves to get stolen from. It's just no good thieves stealing from innocent people to make a quick buck.

a car alarm would've been convenient or helpful

"a car alarm! I'd better go see if someone's car is being robbed" said no one ever.

normally the second it goes off they leave I'd think. the point is to draw attention to the vehicle.

You are the definition of an anomaly sir.

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well if you left it in the open I'm going to have to say YDI. Otherwise I hope you were someplace where they had cameras.

How can OP deserve to get her laptop stolen? If she let the door unlocked it was very stupid but no one deserves to get their things stolen.

Perhaps an attempt to make sure you didnt get robbed? You know, again?

"Oh boy, this rube has got some great swag. I'll lock the doors before I go so no one else can rob them but me, mwahaha." OP's thief is a true criminal mastermind.

Always nice to see how courteous people are these days! He must have had the security of your car in mind.

At least they locked the doors so they wouldn't open and get hit

Was it visible? If so I'm not sure insurance will pay out. While perhaps not smart, something being in view doesn't give someone else the right to it, so he hardly deserves it.