By lance - 12/03/2010 12:10 - Canada

Today, I parked my car to go inside to grab my wallet than I'd forgotten. In the short time it took me to do that, someone broke two of my car's windows. FML
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At least they didn't steal your wallet.

Oh, that was YOUR car?


OneHottBaby 1

Nothin stolen?

I was thinking the same question. It most likely was just a scorned lover.

alleyx3 0

woow how is that possible

Well, what kind of gun was it?

Monikabug 9

Why is everyone losing their wallets today? Grrr

Blue_Coconuts 7

Because people aren't smart enough to keep them in their back pocket/purse.

You've got that right! People should never take their wallets out of their clothes before they wash them!

We need wallets to be grafted to our skin. Then this would never have happened.

Am I the only one noticing the typo in this?

xtwizt3dxlif3x 0

yea I think your the only one than is seeing the typo than this person typed. it's quite often than people put typos like than. :)

well was anything stolen think of the brightside atleast you weren't in the cad or hurt karmas a bitchhh.

MF12 0

wrong fml, 10

at least they couldn't have stolen your wallet.

bezach 0

wrong post lol

epound28 0

#10 you fuckhead, get your eyes fucking checked. This isn't the right FML, you fucktard.

someone has anger issues it was an honest mistake

#44 how the hell is that karma? karma is when you do something bad (usually to another person) and then something bad happens to you. lrn2dictionary

I'm talking about the person who did that to his car not him

thats what you canucks get for not allowing people there to own a gun. its your own damn fault for being a victim of a crime.

wtf? was someone on crack? lol was anything stolen? i know what wasn't...your wallet haha XD

baby_val 0

hahahahaha so true

KurouTenshi 0

well at least your car didn't get stolen. or worse, set fire to. or worse yet, they couldve stolen your tire nuts!!

daydreamstar 7

lol yea! you prolly frustated them when they didnt find anything. you prevented a future event from happening! way to go, OP! yeah, you still have to pay for the damage if insurance dosent cover it, but still, its a twisted kind of laughable fml :)

agreed... as long as your nuts are safe...

FruityLoooons 8

You should throw your hands in the air is disbelief and then yell, "Can this day get any worse?!?"

NEVER DO THAT! My friend did that and a morbidly obese woman fell out of an airplane and landed on him. Then my other friend laughed and he was eaten by a swarm of penguins.

^ true story, i can vouch for that one.

where the fuck do you live?! o.O

Hmm let me make a wild guess. Maybe Ontario, Canada?

YDI for having a car

Oh, that was YOUR car?

heypeoplezzz 0

Lol to #15 that was the funniest comment i've ever heard. i don't read many comments though ^_^