By wheatsnake - 08/10/2009 13:31 - Australia

Today, I took my new laptop into my house from my car, thinking it would be a too much of a target for kids grabbing it. I came home tonight to find my door kicked in, my laptop gone and my TV ripped from the wall. FML
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Your kids are robbers? Yes I do get it, I'm not an idiot.

I actually laughed. I feel dumb=[ But yeah. I can't wait to see the reasons people say YDI.

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YDI for having a TV. YDI for having a laptop. YDI for having the name wheatsnake. YDI for living in Australia. YDI for living in WESTERN Australia. YDI for not living in Eastern Australia. YDI for not living in Northern Australia. YDI for not living in Southern Australia. YDI for living in a house. YDI for having a car. YDI for posting this at 9:31 A.M. Did I miss anything?

Well, yeah, you did miss something. New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria INSTEAD of Eastern Australia. Northern Territory INSTEAD of Northern Australia. South Australia INSTEAD of Southern Australia. And you forgot Tasmania, and New Zealand. Just cause they aren't attached to the mainland, doesn't make them any less Aussie! Otherwise, good job. And OP, aha, get a burglar alarm thing, or lock your shit up better. It does suck though.

#28 For one, NZ isn't part of Australia. I would also go as far as to say Tasmania isn't. Don't you ever, ever suggest that Tasmania is part of Australia. They belong with those New Zealanders on the other side of the Tasman straight. Oh, by the way, you also forgot to mention ACT in your list of states and territories. You know, it's the one that has our capital city in it.

err.. #23 he's an American so i don't think he would of knew of then and BTW i think he's just a troll he's name is "HahaYDI"

Tasmania is a part of Australia, not New Zealand, don't ever say it is apart of New Zealand again, just because Australians try to claim all good New Zealand things, and try force the bad things onto New Zealand doesnt mean Tasmania can become apart of New Zealand.

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YDI for mounting your tv on your wall

#33 Dude, I AM Australian. AND a New Zealander. I love New Zealand, lived there for a long time too, the sheep are great! I was listing states. The only reason I included N.T is because it's so bloody big and a huge part on the map. And #34 Tasmania is great. Why would we shove it over to New Zealand? They've already got sheep and orcs and big mountains, as well as funky dances. They've got loads of cool stuff!

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Number 33, I'm not a troll, I was just messing with an earlier post that said they can't wait to see all of the YDI's on here and i wanted to just get them out of the way.

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ydi for breathing. now stop breathing. bitch

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Look at the bright side, at least they didn't steal your virginity

... unless of course the op is lonely.....then it's too bad they didn't. ;)

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something like that happened to me and it was on the first day of school too

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I really hope some elderly ****** stole your shit. YDI for assuming a "kid" would be the one grabbing it.

YDI for spending the $$$ on a new laptop and a wall mount TV but not putting a decent lock on the door. Why assume it's kids?!? I gotta deduce that you're an old fart.

Oh, seriously guys lighten up. In my high school (it wasn't a crappy one) I knew a lot of people that stole cell phones, money, etc. at dances, and I know kids that have stole Ipods and knocked down mail boxes stuff like that. She wasn't suggesting that all kids are bad, but kids do have a higher tendacy to do something wrong like stealing a laptop. Even I hide my laptop to make sure no one steals in when I have to leave it in my car. So, to the OP I feel bad for her! I think it's scary that someone broke into her house =(

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So #11, why didn't the OP just say: "...too much of a target for SOMEONE to steal it." That's like saying "I was worried a Hatian man would steal it." No need to generalize.

maybe older people are just better at getting away with it, years of practice and all that. its not like they actually have statistics proving kids steal more. what do you think people go around asking people if they steal shit? and if they did, do you think anyone would admit it?