By Alex - United States - Honolulu
Today, I was at my mom's funeral. My sisters and I were sitting in the front row. The funeral director, whom we had met with twice before, was going around greeting everyone. When she got to us, she asked where our mom was. Seriously? FML
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  CaitiieBuggs  |  23

Me too, but sometimes people say dumb things as jokes to "lighten the mood". When I was 8 and at my grandmother's funeral I had to carry a crystal bowl down to her casket- before I started walking the Priest/Funeral Director said if I dropped it he would kill me. It was a very bad joke.

  ArashiGirl  |  13

My family has a sick sense of humor too. While we were waiting for the rest of my father's family at my grandmother's funeral me and my mom made a bunch of little jokes, she wouldn't stop making me laugh, until I was crying from laughter, quiet laughter mind you because this was a funeral. But at least the preacher knew my grandmother well, and told some funny stories of his own about her.

...Of course me and my cousins made some sick joke's to ourselves when we saw someone put out gas station sushi at the "cocktail hour" post funeral.

By  hulopro  |  16

Maybe he lost the body....

By  randomplot  |  11

That guy is amazing.