By ceetee - 26/07/2011 13:35 - Australia

Today, someone came over and told my mother, "I'm your son's friend Morris, I need to get something out of his car", so she gave him the keys. I have no friend called Morris, and now I don't have a sound system either. FML
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who has a friend named morris?

make your mom pay for it


who has a friend named morris?

chaps93 6

my name is Morris. do you have a problem with that??

all my friends... my name is morris....

Do you have any friends?

yes, and probably more than you.. well I guess 0 isn't a hard number to beat...

MrFlintstone 5

hey your an imposter

your mother is missing a few brains cells, possibly a tad too many

futtbuck101 1

It's chuck Norris's distant cousin.

Glitterhinoceros 14


don't mess with chuck morris.

I was thinking it would be Morris Norris

hi I'm Morris. I am your father

freshV43 0

I have AIDS

AIDS has chuck Morris.

Make her pay for a new one. She should've checked with you beforehand, by sending you a text or calling you.

chocolatechocha 8

lisa turtle. Kelly kapowski. Jesse spano. screech. and slater do. (showin my age here)

why not just take the car? instead of the sound system

neseseal 0

well that sucks

lmao 85. wow. I'm really mad I didnt think of that. that was great. thank you.. lol smh

guckylynn 19

Plenty of people do.

littlemissFYL 5

*85, I was thinking of saved by the bell, too! gotta love zac

my teachers name was Morris lol

I have a cousin named Morris...


My_Name_Is_ 5

hope you have learned something. never let your mom keep your keys, they will believe anything, even something horribly made as morris.

make your mom pay for it

Good idea. Although, it is funny that "Morris" only half-lied. He really did get something out of your car.

OP should look on the bright side... he still has a car.

Or steal your mom's.....

agreed. his mom is an idiot for not asking first so it's the least she could do

Isn't Morris a pretty primitive name these days?

Lauren10102 3

my middle name is Morris

would you really? Sounds like that's what you need.

Lauren10102 3

Do you have a friend named Morris, that is the question at hand...

umm.. he said he did not, therefore it is not the question at hand..

ya 4, you're dumb as clarke

KiddNYC1O 20

Haha the dumbest ass. #4 follow instructions on my pic.

The question at hand is why would you ask that question at all.

blame your mother and make her pay

Madiluvsyuh98 2

your mom

BeastMode5 0

Put a shirt back on your stick figure, it's not that sexy! But yes I do agree, it does suck...

icefshng8 9

lucky he didn't take the car!

idiot mom alert!

At least you still have your car? Unless your car is a shitbox not worth stealing that you put a $7343 sound system into...

sxe_beast 11

Who would put an expensive/nice sound system into a shitty car?!

because people in the ghetto tend to take beat-up, rusting-through 1988 Buick Le Sabres and install 4 amps and 6 12" subs in the trunk and 24" fake chrome spinners from Wal*Mart on their rims.

stormracer101 5

seriously? you must not live in the south because that is all you see. shitty cars with loud ass sound systems and huge expensive rims.

HondaKidd 5

IN*expensive rims.

ariannaa_fml 17

26- it's a disguise ;)

Scrapers? Haha. Funny mini monster trucks >=D

Never trust a Morris.

not even philip morris? awww, i thought cigarettes were good for you...