By Jilly - 08/08/2011 06:45 - Australia

Today, I found out that my son had sold his house key to one of his friends for half a packet of gum. Now there is someone out there who I have never met with full access to my house. My son is 16. FML
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You should beat his disobedient ass!

Free_Candy 0

It better be trident layers.


You should beat his disobedient ass!

His dad never said NOT to sell the keys for gum. So technically he didn't know better:D

gum > safety

OR change the locks

Pixxio_O 11

Sell his world of Warcraft account for condoms

get someone to house sit real quick while you replace the lock or somethong

Sure, "gum".. Is that's what kids are calling it these days

eminemchick 19

if they pay babysitters in trident layers, i see nothing wrong with what he did.

StopDropNRoll 11

I hear that 42. When the door is locked you can always use the window. Besides it was his friend. Besides what's the worse than can happen. * wakes up next morning, "oh, shit".*

JumboSquidster 0

Thing* not thong. Smh brah

nevergo 10

In highschool gum is the equivalent of gold. The more gum you have, the more powerful you will be haha

jjoyce6 0

Nobody ever pays me in gum :(

well, at least you brought a healthy, living breathing person into this world. -rereads- but definitely could use some of those brain cells, kinda the cool part about being human.

get new locks make him pay and don't give him a new key and let him wait outside if nobody's home to let him in in the future? sounds reasonable to me.

Get your locks rekeyed. Or get an electronic pad that you can change the code on. Both under $50.

That's expensive depending on how many entries are keyed the same. Make the kid pay for it!

gum for a house key? seems like a fair deal to me.

^ I think the guy that traded the gum for the key got ripped off.

^ I was being completely sarcastic.

You could attempt to haggle for the electronic pad with half a packet of gum, so you're not out of pocket.

20- you don't think that gum is better than house keys?!?!

StopDropNRoll 11

*Takes out sarcasm sign and points it at faceh* He was too! What's the point of being able to write a language you can't read?

Moonditch_fml 19

Change the locks, and make him pay for it...

gan4sula 2

I would say sell her son for a new set of lock

DigitalFusion 4

This is why I invested in biometrics.

change the locks !

What made him think that was a good deal?

It was trident layers

You should've keyed in on that one earlier

I'm pretty sure its queued (or cued?)

It's a pun, you idiot. (Not a good one though)

Free_Candy 0

It better be trident layers.

heartbrakej 0

No one ever pays me in trident layers :(

The way your pictures are lined up it's like I'm going to get free candy but my sub conscious says to stop. Bitch.

Free_Candy 0

It's not really free. Ten bucks for you to die.

I babysit for my trident layers.

I got paid in tridant layers before , but i was pretty pissed to realize they gave me the fucking green kind-.-

change the locks and don't give your son a key? :)

Yea change the locks

The person who got the house keys is one hell of a cheap bastard :P

Hes asked many times to be payed in gum but got neglected, can't help but say I'd do the same thing.

11's name matches the FML (y)

Wow that comment matches the foto 100%

sxe_beast 11

What is a foto?

Change the locks