By buggingout - 26/07/2011 10:33 - United States

Today, it's the first day of my Hawaiian honeymoon. We found out that the pool is under construction and our room is infested with roaches. We are paying $375 a night for this. FML
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Get your money back. As a hotel, they are contractually obligated to provide a clean and hospitable environment. The fact that it clearly isn't means they breached this contract, and releases you and your spouse from the obligation of payment. If they refuse to give you the money back, you can sue for breach of contract & pain and suffering. The More You Know

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Hundreds of indigenous wildlife to keep you company you mean


Look for something better.

If they booked through a tour operator then the operator should find something better for them! If not then either they didn't do any research or the hotel has deceived them by advertising facilities it doesn't have yet.

you're in Hawaii... why would you go in the pool when you're surrounded by the pacific ocean???

33, that's nasty. People pee in the ocean...

And nobody ever pees in a pool? Which is much smaller and doesn't have natural filters like an ocean.

76. so does every single fish in it. an where do you think the water you drink everyday originated?

80. you have a fucking deer in your house! I want one...

76- facepalm*

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Hundreds of indigenous wildlife to keep you company you mean

cockroaches are not indigenous here... jus sayin....

cockroaches are not indigenous here... jus sayin....

not indigenous, but there's no way to to get rid of them

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While I'm being taken seriously for a change. I might as well point out that 100% of all Bears are Left Handed.

I thought it was just polar bears

money well spent

If they're in Hawaii, they might as well swim in the ocean rather than a swimming pool.

Go swimming in the ocean.

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isnt that the point of going to hawaii? to go to the ocean not tge pool ---____---

some hotels in Hawaii have beautiful swimming pools that are almost like a water park that are on about 1 and half acres of land. With slides and hottubs.

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We have a pool at our beach house in addition to the private beach... XD. Its not a pointless as it seems.

I think the problem might be that the construction on the pool is loud

Feel sorry for you! Even then, try to have a nice time? :)

Go to another hotel... Or at least try to. If you don't like this one, do something about it.

I agree u should complain to the manager about these things

I agree u should complain to the manager about these things

Why the fuck are two of the exact same replies getting different feedback?

that right there, ladies and gentlemen, is a poor hotel.

I completly agree good hotel to the right crappy roach infeasted hotel to the left

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you got boned.

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10- I boned your mum last night.

191- u mad isn't a question. learn your memes

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Hurry And Leave