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Hi guys, OP here! To clarify, by donuts she meant those "Chinese" sugar donuts that you can get at cheap buffets (at least where I live, in rural Ohio). Instead, we are relatively more of a high end Chinese restaurant, a family owned place that could be compared to PF Changs. So there is no way we would have those cheap donuts anyways! But for whatever reason she thought that fried wontons were the same things as those fried sugar donuts. She was incredibly upset and basically demanded that we give her the fried donuts that we supposedly offered on our website. Basically, working as a server/host in a restaurant is fun when you get to deal with unreasonable people! Thanks for the publish!
By taylorbrown97 / Sunday 7 June 2015 19:05 / United States - Mount Vernon
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By  gunnerblaster  |  21

Yeah, I don't even know why we try, nowadays. Ignorance, man. And instead of accepting a new tidbit of knowledge (like how Wantons are, in fact, not donuts) - People get indignant of their ignorance.

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