By schober60 - 10/05/2015 01:30 - United States

Today, a passing by bird managed to poop through my car's sunroof and onto the center console. FML
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schober60 tells us more.

On the bright side it didn't land between the seats..

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iAmPaul 49

That's even more unlucky if your vehicle was moving when it happened.


iAmPaul 49

That's even more unlucky if your vehicle was moving when it happened.

"wac wac i do mechanics nihaha" giggled the evil bird

ILoveMyArm 15

"Raise the roof to avoid the poop"

That accuracy... Damn its like they are programmed

I don't think so. When he is moving, there are less chance that this bird poops on him but there are more chances than another bird poops in the car. So the probability that he has a bird shit is quite the same.

I don't even know if it's possible to hit the dashboard if the car is moving. It's more likely to hit OP in the face.

when will people stop saying that -_-

Humans might be at the top of the food chain but birds win aerial droppings strikes hands down. FYL OP, it will make me think twice to leave my sunroof open

Yeah no shit Sherlock. What else will perform aerial droppings? Shit pun not intended.

No shit eh? Well try leaving your sunroof open or keep digging Watson

Well duh, #31! What about flying pigs? You forgot those didn't you.

I give it a 6/10 for accuracy. I woluld give it a better score for maybe landing one on a bald guy's head or in someone's food. Step it up birds.

Not all the shots can land man cut him some slack.

Just be happy you didn't get a face full of shit

Or that OP didn't have a cup of coffee on the console.. It would've tasted like shit. Literally.

Damn that bird is more accurate than a sniper.

It's suppose to be good luck if a bird poops on you. Maybe your car will have the good luck.

What's the logic in that? "Welp, got pooped on, everything from here on is considered good luck!"

Thats what people say just to make you feel better about being crapped on lol

Like how ugly people say they're beautiful on the inside?