By nomorecookies - 06/08/2011 05:53 - United States

Today, someone broke into my car just to steal the freshly baked cookies in the back seat. They also left a thank you note. FML
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Spade606 6

At least you have good cooking skills

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Spade606 6

At least you have good cooking skills

At least the robber left a thank you note.

Trupe 3

At least you have your car :D

at least you have cookies..... oh wait.

At least you know what attracts the thieves.

At least you still have your car and other valuable things in it, be thankful all they took was your cookies. Which is easy to replace. :)

At least it wasn't signed by Dirty Mike and the boys. Then you would have much bigger problems.

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Most of these comments started with "at least" lol

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DinosaursAreCool_fml 8

Yeah remember cookie monster was in rehab, he must of broke out.

what you want them to steal more than just a batch of cookies?

Zeek63 0

Did they take the pan? If they did make sure there would be hell to pay but be polite

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I had some Gigi's cupcakes stolen out of my car before so I feel ya, OP.

walkern1891 0

at least u wasn't your soul!

it's more like a lol thank god than an FML

Vasin_fml 15

So the dark side really does have cookies...

randomburger 7

Now we know the ultimate theif bait...fresh cookies.

Maybe your cookies looked totally delicious?? take it as a compliment :D

I think that speaks well of how polite and decent modern society is.

Jourjour 0

Ya! Elmo and I have been looking everywere for him! OP were was your car?

He couldn't take it having to try to cook cookies with a lighter while the cookie dough was on a spoon!

Mmmm... Cookies! At least they left a thank you note! ;)

lol idn if thats a good thing or a bad thing :P

leemurcat 5

I'm sure she ate a couple before bringing then anywhere. And yeah, I can totally see your point. Not getting to eat cookies is pretty much as bad as being poisoned and waking up to your dead girlfriend beside you, then promptly killing yourself. If it were me, I would totally choose the latter situation.

SpeechQween94 14

I hate to be a grammar Nazi but it's idk not idn

MrPositive 0

They must've looked good. Be glad that you know how to bake!

AgentSmith79 9

Why would you leave freshly baked cookies on your back seat? If you were taking them somewhere, shouldn't they have been with you?

Maybe they had to make another stop on the way to wherever the cookies were going, and rather drag a plate of cookies into, say, Shoppers or the liquor store, they left them in the car.

AgentSmith79 9

The whole point of fresh baked cookies is to serve them FRESH. That's why you do all your other errands beforehand, cuz if you have to leave them in the car to run errands, they're no longer fresh. I think the thief understood this and was helping out by ensuring SOMEBODY got to enjoy those cookies while they were still fresh. ;)