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  leemurcat  |  5

I'm sure she ate a couple before bringing then anywhere. And yeah, I can totally see your point. Not getting to eat cookies is pretty much as bad as being poisoned and waking up to your dead girlfriend beside you, then promptly killing yourself. If it were me, I would totally choose the latter situation.

  VeganVampyre  |  26

Maybe they had to make another stop on the way to wherever the cookies were going, and rather drag a plate of cookies into, say, Shoppers or the liquor store, they left them in the car.

  AgentSmith79  |  9

The whole point of fresh baked cookies is to serve them FRESH. That's why you do all your other errands beforehand, cuz if you have to leave them in the car to run errands, they're no longer fresh. I think the thief understood this and was helping out by ensuring SOMEBODY got to enjoy those cookies while they were still fresh. ;)