By tomcat69 - 11/07/2011 00:01 - Canada

Today, after spending 6 months and $15,000 on lawyer fees at my 13 year old son's request, his abusive, alcoholic father no longer has any legal right to see him. How did my son repay me? He ran away to live with his father the very first time I told him he couldn't have friends sleep over. FML
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Lauren10102 3

Hey you could have seen this coming, the dad has both no rules, AND alcohol!!!

If he were younger, I could understand...but 13? Really? What an ungrateful child...


Lauren10102 3

Lol, I have that little candy thing that is ur profile pic!

what do you think chief?

What a spoiled little shit.

changetheworld 0


dinodannyrawr 5

hahaha ikr

eh don't worry, when the father beats the living shit outa him for "Takin all his booze and Money *Hiccup* and booze" he will come straight back, I promise :).

Sounds like a sadist who enjoys a good hit to be running back to him.

purplepizza21 0

101, win

1, I have that exact same candy thing, except green.

fthku 13

#132 ,you mean masochist. A sadist is someone who enjoys GIVING pain, not receiving it.

Sacurason 0

Well, I would have to say if you've lived with somebody like that, your mentality and judgement may be a little jilted. As a person used to living without rules, he probably felt that not being allowed to have friends over was just as bad. How much can you really blame an adolescent raised in an obscene environment?

Thunderbender 2

Betcha wish you had swallowed him now huh?

Lauren10102 3

Hey you could have seen this coming, the dad has both no rules, AND alcohol!!!


and violent beatings yeah!!

CommonSenseKarma 17

Now the kid will grow up to become a violent rampaging rapist through intense psychological warfare and physical abuse. I suggest immediate termination.

Lauren10102 3

I concur, we must eliminate the threat to society.

Lauren10102 3

I concur, we must eliminate the threat to society.

JacksonCampbell 9

I hear there's a belt sale at Walmart.

pedosmurf 7

That son is a dick when my mom left me I cried so hard he needs to appreciate what he has

If he were younger, I could understand...but 13? Really? What an ungrateful child...

Lauren10102 3

Don't underestimate "Tweens" when I was 12, I attempted suicide twice, now I am obviously better, but you have no idea what young people go through these days.

But if the darling was smart enough to understand that he needed to stop seeing his father because he was an abusive alcoholic, he should also be smart enough to accept his mother's rules after all she went through to keep him away from such an environment.

I know right? I'm so sick of bratty children. And they seem to be getting worse and worse.

not something to be proud of .... keep that to your self ;)@6

Your stupidity is not something to be proud of, keep it to yourself 23. ;)

lol ... so I used an extra space I didn't try killing myself over it :'( goodbye harsh world ... LOL

It's because dads are more fun.

37- That's not funny at all.

Lauren10102 3

I am not "proud" of anything, what do I have to prove to anyone on the Internet anyways, I was just saying that thirteen or twelve is a delicate age where you have all the emotions of a teenager, yet no logic.

50 wasn't trying to be funny okay a little but people really need to loosen up one, what people post about themselves without classification and two, about spelling errors, if all people do is post on people comments about others spelling mistakes? orang that pretty sad?

Yeah, I guess even at that age he still doesn'

'What an ungrateful child...' Oh, Mirorbo, life isn't that simple. This child has grown up with an abusive, alcoholic father for thirteen years, he has lived in what people call 'a broken family'. And everybody knows that children who grow up in a bad environment, have a very big chance to behave badly themself. Father is abusive? Boy can get abusive. Father beats child? Child can beat others. That's how it works. I bet this child has had a very hard time, and now he has hit puberty, which makes things even harder. He needs to be threaten with love, patience, the feeling of safety and structure. The big problem here is that, whenever he doesn't agree with his mom, he will go back to his father to punish her (and, without him knowing, punish himself). OP needs to find a way to keep him with her and give him a good education, otherwise he will just be another broken soul.

missmurderx 8

Aw, making fun of people with depression. Aren't you just a doll?

THIS WASNT ME COMMENTING!!!!!!! my sister took my phone she is 13 I'm 20 I do indeed know how to spell and I would never be so rude! I apologize for all the rude comments. Again I'm very sorry.

138, for all the hard work you have tried to cover up your still spelt wasin't wrong. shame on you mate. shame.

Haha well 204, I didn't know "wasn't" had an "I" in it. Lol. Ignorant.

attempting suicide doesn't make you a ******* hero.


Thats a cheap excuse that people use to justify why they behave in a certain manner. I lived in a horrible enviorenment and so did my brother and we both managed to go to College with a full scholarship.

My parents divorced when I was 11. My mom is a cheating alcoholic *****. My dad and I had it the hardest my brother and sister too young to understand didn't know anything that has happened they just know that mom doesn't come around much. I witnessed my dad holding a gun to his head. Him going to jail over trying to kill his "bestfriend" over sleeping with my mom. No matter what I wouldn't live with a drunk. I don't know and of my family as they live across the country. I had to grow up quick so quick that when I was thirteen I drank for the first time. It made me happy. So I got addicted. At fifteen I got a 450r. My bestfriend grew up in a split home so he knew my pain. We both thought we could live on our on. We ran away, but he didn't know I had a gallon of moonshine. Two days in I got depressed and just downed it trying to kill myself. No im not proud of this but its what a split home does to you. I'm currently awaiting my court date to come. My point DO NOT ACT STUPID OVER YOUR PARENTS PROBLEMS

zombieekillah93 0

u mad bro?

zombieekillah93 0


emmiep1011 7

livin the single life. avoiding all issues as so.

Is that a ****** bruise on your arm? That shit is huge.

this is me messaging you, hope I don't regret it :)

somerandomdude19 2

noo.. its a fail spray on tan

emmiep1011 7

it's the lighting. don't get too excited.

79, actually I'm fairly sure duckface girl took her lovely photo a step further by putting it though an ugly-ass filter. Isn't it just shoooo coot?

rudysayshi 4

yeah but that's cause she aint got the right man to give ger that lovin ;) o and damn you are cute

didn't hurt that bad I guess? and he gave him some booz!!! rebel.... REBEL!!

god this isn't ******* English class.....

I doubt you would use the word booze in English class in the first place. :P

JacksonCampbell 9

Yes, actually, this is English class.

kaykay9080 5

Lol you obviously didn't go to English Class since you don't know how to spell booze.

gmc_blossom 21

#55- Yes, but what is "*******" English class exactly? What kind of English class involves "*******"?

gmc_blossom 21

Or wait, were you talking about literally ******* an English class? Were you maybe using "*******" as a verb instead of an adjective? Oh, yeah, you probably don't know what a "verb" or an "adjective" are, do you?

gmc_blossom 21

Oops, I think I meant "is" and not "are". I need a Grammar Nazi to help me out here. :0 And yes, I posted 3 times..

Glitterhinoceros 14

55, I have never seen a comment by you thats not buried.

WordNerd to the rescue, gmc_blossom. "Or" maintains singularity while "and" creates a plural. Therefore, it's proper to say either "what a verb and an adjective are", or "what a verb or an adjective is." I hope you enjoyed the English lesson of the day :)

Additionally, if you'd like to participate in alpaquette's proclaimed style of English class, you probably should seek the teachings of every1luvsboners.

This is the Internet 55, expect to get corrected. So it is kind of like an English class... If you want to look at it that way...

just bribe him back with things that 13 year olds like, such as candy, video games, and ****.

if she's already spent $15,000 then she is probably very pissed and not wanting to buy games!

59 all kids love ****

akd1v 0

it's true....**** is a favorite among young teens

bribe my ass beat him!! it works for cuban mom..

yeah o wouldn't buy the kid video games I probably beat him over the head and tell him to come back home.

I'm 12 and I watch ****

kittytub 12

watch out, we got a bad ass ova here.

emeraldchicky 0

Your son is aweful...

miamiheatfan56 0

So is your spelling.

13 your comment is kind of ironic considering your profile says you get straight A's....


that rat bastard!