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Today, while arguing with my pregnant wife, she said, “You can’t understand. I’m creating life. What are you creating, besides poop?” FML
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This isn't the 1920s, women work too, even pregnant ones. How do you know she isn't the primary financial provider? Also, using money and financial care for your spouse to win disagreements is a controlling and abusive behaviour.

We don't know what the argument was about. OP could've been complaining about something stupid and his wife, who is ******* pregnant, was plum tired of it. It's not easy to carry a baby.


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We don't know what the argument was about. OP could've been complaining about something stupid and his wife, who is ******* pregnant, was plum tired of it. It's not easy to carry a baby.

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alternatively, it is just possible his wife has a habit of ******** in OP's sock drawer, and OP just wants his socks.

Rules of the Universe. Volume 1. Book 1. Page 1: Never argue with a pregnant woman.

You forgot Line 1. Line 2 says to keep a large variety of placating snacks in stock.

Snacks? You mean Chocolates and wine?

Probably not wine as pregnant women aren't supposed to drink...

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OP is female, according to the icon next to the name.

Donor sperm?

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except for the part were it requires his services to create that life too. unless you want to use an extremely expensive and painful bone marrow pregnancy

Yes but does he feed and carry said baby for 9 months? Does he go through the pain of child birth? Nope. He surely doesn't....

lol his participation lasted about 5 minutes, the next 9 months are all on her. making humans is exhausting, and painful, and I'm sorry but guys get to do the fun parts without any of the crappy parts. you get to have sex, then sit back and wait 9 months while she does the hard work, and at the end after she's expelled another living being from her ****** you get to cuddle the baby and coo about "we made a baby" while she gets her ****** stitched up. I'm currently making our 3rd tiny human, and husband has finally accepted that I just automatically win right now. if he ever expects to get back to the fun parts anyway.

yes you win no matter what! I completly agree its either ur husband does everything u want and agrees with u or he will never get "the fun again" see its funny cuz he choses to not divorce u and put your kids through a broken home. what a jerk.

well spotted #102

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As a woman who has been pregnant, I disagree.

and you are the reason women nowadays feel entitled to everything.

screw that! !!

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If someone is wrong then they're wrong, doesn't matter who or what they are. It's a matter of fact

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Ok, you're right.

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How about money that keep a roof over her head and put food on the table that allows her to keep creating that life....

This isn't the 1920s, women work too, even pregnant ones. How do you know she isn't the primary financial provider? Also, using money and financial care for your spouse to win disagreements is a controlling and abusive behaviour.

So you are saying the man is either a) worthless or b) is he is not allowed to bring up his worth in a discussion. But practically stating that he is worthless is ok for the wife. Also, just because she is biologically forced to do more work, does not mean he did not create the baby as well...

it was never stated that the man was worthless it only stated that women work too. and yes holding something like that above someone's head is controlling behavior

Holding being pregnant is a bit controlling as well

When the hell did I say the man was worthless? Also, when did I say that the wife stating he is useless is ok? No, really, point out where I said these things. I was confronting just this argument, not the FML as a whole. No, you are not allowed to bring up financial care for your spouse to win an argument. You are using your financial care for them to make them submit to your stance and control them. If you can't see that that's abusive, you need help. You're in a relationship, and in this case, married, supporting each other is your ******* job. Don't want that, don't be in a relationship. Between my boyfriend and I, I make the money for our household. Do you think I would ever hold that over his head? Never, I would never make him feel worthless and like he was a burden to me like that, it's cruel. I completely disagree with what the wife did, my mom has used a similar argument on me, which I pointed out was wrong. Just cause I express my reservations for one side, doesn't mean I support the other.

I was referencing the behavior of the woman. She pretty much said he was worthless. While generally I agree that mentioning income etc is controlling, in this FML defending yourself with things you feel benefit her seems ok to me.

Hey maybe they are arguing who gets the last piece of pizza?? In that case she should because she's pregnant and he could die if he doesn't let her.

That's quite the assumption there. Men are always the providers? HA! Tell that to my ex who had me paying for just about everything.

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To everyone who's getting their panties in a bunch... society these days want everyone to have the same treatment? That's exactly what my comment was about. She accused the guy to be worthless, only good to produce poop? She would get an "equality" treatment if the guy defended himself by mentioning his contributions of paycheck and security. What did all your touchy feeling pricks wanted to do? You want equality, then deal with come backs and criticism of your behavior. Women can dish it out but can't take it? She was a willing partner in creating this baby, so she needs to deal with her crappy moods and not belittle her partner in the first place. If she keeps saying stuff like that to her partner all the time, and if the guy is not a push over, do you really think this family will last?

midav 2

Nobody said she was or was not primary provider. It's not about that. My comment was a hypothetical come back to a horrendous statement by the girl who belittled her partner. If you're a willing partner and made a baby, don't belittle the guy because you feel like crap. So you're saying that woman can talk poop about men, but when we point out the obvious and if it upsets you we are not allowed to do it? Don't forget she started his first, not the other way around. You want equality? Then deal with reality and stop playing victim when you attack first.

45, I do have to point out one thing. The woman is PREGNANT. Pregnant women are hormonal as **** and will say all kinds of things, usually without meaning them. I've known women who would start crying because something fell on the floor. That's how emotionally unstable pregnancy can make you. So your comment about her "belittling" her husband is bs. More than likely, she only said what she did because her hormones were making her pissy. I highly doubt she meant it.

#45 I understand what you're trying to say. But your original comment implied OP was the only one working and his wife just stays at home. Which is assuming. OPs wife's comment wasn't okay. But you got to understand his wife is PREGNANT. She can't completely control her hormones. It's best OP doesn't say a witty come back to make things worse, and just wait till his wife is calm to discuss what the problem was. I've been getting multiple periods lately so my hormones are unbalanced and I feel my emotions are out of control. When I have my out bursts my boyfriend just stays calm and doesn't fight back because he knows it's just the hormones talking. And of course once I've calmed down I apologize to him.

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@midav shut the hell up. You sound like another sexist idiot.

She didn't say the other was worthless. She's saying she's birthing their child and most likely just comparing it to her spouse, a WOMAN.

As a heavily pregnant lady myself, I agree with her. I would never thought it would be this hard, and whenever my husband is complaining about anything I want to punch him! Being pregnant is exhausting and very uncomfortable

It never says he is complaining, just that they are arguing. We also don't know what they are arguing about.

I agree that he should be sensitive to his partners need, in or out of pregnancy. But that does not invalidate his feelings. "I have it harder, just suck it up bitch", is a horrible motto for a loving marriage.

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Hard? My wife enjoyed being pregnant. If all of her pregnancies were strung together she was pregnant for over 7 years, and yes we like big families.

#30 every pregnancy is different. Maybe your wife enjoyed it but for some women it is very difficult

Your wife is one of the very lucky few then. Quite ignorant to compare everyone else's pregnancies to your wife's. My best friend had it terrible. Puking almost every day for the first 3 months. Could hardly keep anything down and wasn't gaining the pregnancy weight that she was supposed to. As well as severe back and pelvic pain, very sore breasts and hormonal episodes. I even know someone at work who lost his wife during childbirth, so no, not all women have it easy like your wife.

Hormones, man.... I thought I was pretty even keeled, except for yelling at a random person that puffed cig smoke in my face in month 8, and the time I was really pissed off about the potholes on our road lol. My husband thought I was unhinged the entire time.

#41 I also had hyperemesis most of my pregnancy. It was hell. 11 trips to the ER for dehydration, weeks of IV therapy (nutrient and saline bags), three chemo-grade antinausea pills and IVs... Lost 30 lbs in first 2 trimesters, then gained 70 the last trimester. 10 the last week. Induced because of preeclampsia risk, which turned out to be good because baby had cord around his neck (discovered at delivery). Dr moved quickly and he was fine. Delivery otherwise ok. Still dealing with muscle loss and a thyroid autoimmune disorder that likely was triggered during that time. My best friend's pregnancy was great but she had a complicated delivery. #30 It's great some people get to "enjoy" it. I'm genuinely happy for them. But many don't.

Hopefully you created that life with her. Sooo... Her agument is invalid.

Yeah but he gets to watch from the sidelines while she does all the work lol

Lol because dumping his load in her was such agonizing work.

midav 2

That's called nature and everyone has certain things to do. What do you want? Pregnant men? Men's job is support, financial, emotional, etc. if you happen to be a woman, don't hold pregnancy over man's head.

Usually I would agree with not holding it over someones head, but i've spent the last few months watching my pregnant sister struggle with Placenta Previa and hyperemesis, while her husband does absolutely **** all around the house, sits on his arse all evening then bitches and moans if she asks him to tidy up his own mess. Apparently because she only works 3 days a week she should spend the rest of her time making sure 'his house' (bought with the proceeds from the sale of my sisters flat) is spotless. It's definitely put into perspective how even the nicest guys can be completely unaware of how hard pregnancy is. You don't know what OP and his wife were arguing about, she might have been well within her rights to point out that she's pregnant and it's difficult, especially if he was being completely unsympathetic, like many men can be without even realising it.

Well, OP is a female, so that's kinda ruled out. I also seem to be the only one that sees that.

Just because op is a woman does not fully rule it out. If a woman hasn't been pregnant or had an easy pregnancy they sometimes act as if others who don't have it easy are exaggerating. So it is still possible

WELL you create CO2 from your lungs which gives helps plants produce oxygen, which allows us to breath. So you SAVE lifes. :)

That is an adorably optimistic comment.

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Sorry, OP. Just because someone else is struggling more doesn't mean you shouldn't get to talk about your problems. By your wife's logic there is really only one person in the world who gets to complain, because only one person has it the worst.

He said they were arguing, not that he wanted to talk about his problems. There's a difference. Plus we don't know what they were arguing about.

Men wouldnt be able to handle it if they were the ones pregnant and giving birth...

while men might not be able to handle it, I have yet to meet a woman that woukd really want to exchange roles. Being that intimate and close with yhat bundle of joy outweighs all discomforts for every mother I know.

"And woman can't handle math." That's how stupid your statement sounds. Just stop the unreflected sexism... Just cause there is a biological predeterminism this doesn't invalidate men as a whole.

species4872 19

That really is a silly statement since the female has evolved specifically for reproduction, even down to the nurturing instinct. The male however has not.

women dont "handle" it. thats why we have epidurals. i hate when women say that... like yall just lay down, grunt real hard a few times and then give the doc a "whooo" and a high five. its common for women to die from labor, so the whole "handle it" thing is bullshit.

Not necessarily true. If men had been biologically designed to get pregnant like women are, they'd also have the necessary hormones and presumably reproductive functions that allow women to carry children also. I hear many girls say men couldn't handle periods or pregnancy, but that's because we don't need it have to. If we'd grown up with it like you had I don't see why we would t be able to deal with it. This website alone prices there are many women who can't handle either of those things whatsoever.

But how do you know? Maybe we'd be good at it.

and men would probably be able to reproduce about once because if they pushed a baby out they're penis it wouldn't survive I think

Gonna need to know what you were arguing about OP