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Today, my car door and window were broken when a thief broke into my car. Cost to repair the damage? $600. Increase to my car insurance premiums? $40 a month. What'd they steal from my car? A $0.98 chocolate chip cookie. FML
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  gibby1235  |  6

36- really? u could either be an undercover cop, a child molester, or a very lonely teenager or grown woman (which makes it even worse). here's some advice... get the fuck off this site if your looking for that because in case u haven't noticed this is fml not a porn exchange website.

p.s.- to all you guys out there don't fall for this because for all we know she could be a man.

  Elixa  |  0

#226 why would you make a comment like that? it's so unnecessary, I'm sure he's probably not even offended, he's probably immune to racist attention whores like you. Smarten up it's the it's 2010!!

  st0815  |  9

Yeah I was wondering about that, too - with a $40/month increase, she's losing money after 15 months. If she doesn't get a huge rebate, maybe she can make the claim and then switch insurance companies.