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Today, my car door and window were broken when a thief broke into my car. Cost to repair the damage? $600. Increase to my car insurance premiums? $40 a month. What'd they steal from my car? A $0.98 chocolate chip cookie. FML
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tacobird123 7


Schizomaniac 24

well op might have been mugged if his car wi ndow has been hit by a mug :) I know it's stale but I "had" to say it.

Prototype12 0

I wouldve stole the cookie too!

haha Cookie Monster or really stoned teenager?

KingDingALing 9

Mmmmm...cookies:) I want a cookie now...

I was thinking the same thing it had to be the cookie monster to go to that much trouble for a single cookie :P

definitely cookie monster!! he was hopped up on smack (from snuffy) looking for any and all cookies!

flashback.miss 28

who stole the cookies from the cookie jar! XD anyway... @ OP: Life comes at ya fast dont it? right get it repaired insurance, insurance. good luck to you.

gibby1235 6

36- really? u could either be an undercover cop, a child molester, or a very lonely teenager or grown woman (which makes it even worse). here's some advice... get the **** off this site if your looking for that because in case u haven't noticed this is fml not a **** exchange website. p.s.- to all you guys out there don't fall for this because for all we know she could be a man.

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Now all he needs is to find a car with milk.

87 - How is he a moron? Seems sensible to me.

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98, 66 is a moron because he's too stupid to realize it's a spambot.

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dyk the cookie monster actually ate rice cakes more than anything else? this message has been brought to you by the letters f and...

36 I will (Ima send her a pic of a banana)

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The funniness of posting this on FML for lulz? Priceless.

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Well, that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

FunnyWeasel 7

There could be one person who would break into a car for a cookie...the cookie monster.

tacobird123 7

at #30 she didnt say there was chiken ,grapejuice or watermelon but still dosent surprise me you would steal...not that im racist or anything...

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#226 why would you make a comment like that? it's so unnecessary, I'm sure he's probably not even offended, he's probably immune to racist attention ****** like you. Smarten up it's the it's 2010!!

Naaah, she's probably a woman. With a penis.

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244, I think you got the wrong fml haha

Elixa 0

247 I could ask you the same thing! you don't even have a pic period.

What, OP, did you want the thief to steal something more expensive?

i would be the one to dress up like him.

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if u leave cookies in the. oven too long they could burn! mhm. ~yur welcome!

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Did you get his fingerprints and t-shirt and all? Is he so dumb, is he really dumb, for real?

Well, he won't have to come and confess because OP is looking for him. OP gonna find him, he gon find him...

so he can run and tell THAT, homeboy. ahahaa

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Cuz' they jackin yo shit, homeboy.

omg! 77 is Justin Bieber!! let's get him!! >:(

my car was attacked by some idiot in the projects

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77 isn't there. that may be an iPod glitch though...

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They must have had a case of the om nom nom's!!

so change your insurer ? should of bought a new door from the car wreckers.

Why would the OP even claim it for a cookie?

justanotherbird 19

Something similar happened to me, but I didn't go through the insurance company because of the ridiculous spike. I didn't even have anything to steal. >:(

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jakii, I feel like you need to stop looking at and then commenting on people's profile pictures.

Yeah I was wondering about that, too - with a $40/month increase, she's losing money after 15 months. If she doesn't get a huge rebate, maybe she can make the claim and then switch insurance companies.

could have been a diabetic with low blood sugar.....

then they would be in deperate need of it wouldn't they?

yes they were in desperate need of a cookie poor diabetic person

When you crave cookies, you really crave cookies.

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hahaha! wow all that work just for a cookie! that sucks for you op! ;(


those girlscouts are crazy man

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you gotta pay up to the GSM (girl scout mafia) BITCH !!!

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and that's the way the cookie crumbles op :]

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where are my posts, hit me nice piercings

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