By Eli - United States
Today, I was pointing out my car to my roommate. He responded with, "Oh that one with the broken window?" Turns out my car had been broken into. They took my CD player, GPS and Ipod. On top of that they left a Reese's Fastbreak wrapper and sunflower seeds on my front seat. FML
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By  24788  |  6

YDI for pissing off your car so much with your shitty tunes, horrible taste in food, and your uncontrollable urge to get lost that the car beat the shit out of itself so it wouldn't have to go another day with you. The car did you a favor.

By  yous_an_idiot  |  0

#5, seek mental help. OP, you need to realize that if they left behind a candy bar wrapper, and sunflower seeds, that fingerprints and DNA might be all over that crap. Of course, you were too busy coming to post on this website right away. This probably never even happened. Pointing out your car to your friend? If they didn't know what your car looked like, they are probably more of an acquaintance.

  SheriffBart  |  0

I wondered how long it would take some fucktard to try to make each of those points. I had no idea somebody fucking stupid enough to try to make both in the same post was out there. Congratulations, sir.

By  CallMeHush  |  0

Hate to break it to you but if they took so long to steal your shit that they had to pack a lunch they were the worst car thieves EVER. Not only that, but someone must have surly seen them and just didn't give a shit.

By  AndelleRae  |  9


You definitely do not deserve it. No one deserves to have their window smashed and their possessions stolen from them. Hopefully you have insurance so you can at least get the window replaced at decent enough price.

FYL, OP, I feel your pain. Something similar happened to my boyfriend two days before Christmas.

  theteal  |  0

I bet it was an environmentalist and this was their way of protesting pollution via cars and electronics, but not wanting to get caught they left the Reese's wrapper there to throw off suspicion.