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  mintcar  |  9

The fact they left pocket change isn't the issue here. OP is complaining about stolen tires. Replacing them (with used or new tires) can get pretty expensive.

  Fobbs  |  2

#52 Well would you be appreciative for a car you can't drive, due to the fact that the friggin tires were stolen. And if they didn't steal the dang tires there would have been no need for the bus money in the first place! Sure the thieves were "considerate" by leaving money, but if they weren't idiots and as considerate everyone is making them to be, they would have taken the bus themselves, rather than stealing the tires!

  yuviluv  |  5

but if the issue is that the kids who stole the wheels must have nedded them for something urgent, then thts okay. they showed that they meant no harm byleaving him money for the bus as to not leave him without a ride. and how does OP even know that it was kids? maybe it was a couple of his fiend playing a prank.

  MilkyFilmz  |  26

Do you know how much tires cost? The bus doesn't cost much. Idiot.

  Angi95  |  3

Uhh have you ever paid for tires it's a lot of money. Not only that but his car is probably going to get towed because he can't move it more money. But hey look on the bright side he has enough money for the bus that's great.