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Who did you piss off?

Today, when I walked up to my car, all my windows were smashed. Thankfully, all I keep in my car is jumper cables, a pen, my car insurance and manual. Whoever smashed my windows apparently was pissed, 'cos they left a note saying "F**k you and your f**king station wagon." FML
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By  WTFsGoingOn  |  0

The FML changed. It was about a guy who's car got broken into. This one I don't even follow or understand really. How is your bf mistaking someone else on the phone for you a FML to begin with?

By  WTFsGoingOn  |  0

WTF, what the hell is going on with FML. First this was this FML, then it changed to some girl bitching about her bf mistaking her friend for her on the phone... now it has changed back to the original FML.

  WTFsGoingOn  |  0

I think it has to do with the idea that not only did someone break into OP's car to begin with, they then decided he was an ass for not having something for them to steal. The first part is bad enough, the second part is honestly kind of hilarious though, in a truly messed up way.

I'm curious about why you feel it is not an FML? Obviously no one has ever done something this ridiculous to you.