By ashlyn - 06/08/2011 05:41 - United States

Today, I went to pick up some of my clothes from my boyfriend's apartment. While searching under his bed he pulled out a tank top and bra and asked if they were mine. They weren't. FML
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I noticed you still call him boyfriend.

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Go to your house, pull out a pair of boxers from under your bed and ask if they're his..

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Or....she can just take the tank top and the bra and shove it up his ass!

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Probably his. Haven't you ever heard of a manzier? ah Seinfeld.

What a weirdo! Dump that crazy cross dresser!!

So if OP had to go back to get some of her clothes, does that mean she has left naked?

Never mind. OP probably stayed the night and change back into those clothes and forgot them. I wish it was the other option. -_-

If she DID have boxers to pull out to begin with then she deserved it, so that's not really a valid response...

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he might be interested in a 3 way

OP's Boyfriend: "Uh, they belong to my sister."

59- umm. considering that it was in his room, I think that would make the situation worse...

LOL, they're probably her best friends or someone close to her, haha

If they do belong to someone close to her... well then that's just ****** up.

48, I dunno, it could be a kinky situation.

How long has it been since the underside of the bed was cleaned? could have been his ex's!

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yeah.. bc who really leaves after a hook up with no shirt and bra? especially when bras are like 60 bucks or more these days.

I noticed you still call him boyfriend.

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yeah totally! cheating is okay when your drunk! note my sarcasm.

65, obviously you didn't note HIS sarcasm..

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Maybe he likes to dress as a girl in his spare time

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Dont knock it till u try it dude

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You should probably check under the bed to see what else he's hiding.. Maybe the girl that goes with the clothes is there too..

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Hopefully alive as well if not then that would be a completely different fml for those involved

How creative and thoughtful of him!!! "Are these yours honey?" "... No!" "They are now!" "Awwww, thank you so much!! I've been wanting this top for months! I love you."