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Today, my father shot my fiancé. He's fine, but the wedding is off. FML
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thatgirlincali 13

Looks like your father banged him before you.


thatgirlincali 13
then000bster 16

It was a dark and rainy night. The wind beat heavily against the cabin. The fiancé then went outside to look for his partner. He found her tied up by her dad. The father then began spouting lines such as, "I'll never give her to you!!" and "If you come any closer ill shoot you" After hearing this the fiancé pushed forward, looking to take his bride away. The father then pointed his fun at him and prepared to shoot. Just as he was going to pull the trigger a strong gust of wind blew the rifle off its target thus missing the fiancé.

Hey you above me... Let's not jump the gun.

Imhere4fml 24

I pictured a party after you said "pointed his fun" and the dad gave him shots... 56

tfriedrich49 9

We can all see the details on COPS- Saturday night on FOX, 8/7 Central

SwaggCapone 11

What op needs is a bullet proof vest and gun control

@103: Gun control never solved anything.

108 - gun control never solved *much* because of the black market. If there wasn't that little (and by little I mean big fkg ass) problem, gun control would be quite useful..

103- Shut Up or Ill shoot you with a fully automatic rifle through your Kevlar weaver vest.

jedorr07 5

Pointing your "fun" at people could be more risky than a gun

Qwermy 16

unless by gun control you mean steady hands on your gun

thatgirlincali 13

Still waiting on those details..

I've never seen so many likes on one post. Seems a lot of people want more details. Well, OP? Are you just gonna stand there or are you gonna give the people what they want?

cottoncandymango 17

As much as I'm sympathizing with you, I feel like there's way more reasoning to this FML...

K410 18

Lets be honest I'm sure most overprotective dads are dying to do the same thing, this guy just had the balls to do it :p

Balls? More like serious mental issues. However, that's assuming the father is in the wrong, but I'm basing that off of every overprotective dad fml where he's stupid enough to threaten every guy that comes along.

I was just guessing that it was an accident. The fiance would still be angry enough to call of the wedding regardless, so it would make sense.

Looks like your father banged him before you.

Redoxx_fml 22 make comments like that.

Llamacod 11

I think you need to finish that sentence, the way I read it implies the dad will bang the daughter too.

Or this gives a wholeeeee new meaning to the term "shotgun wedding."

ILoveMyArm 15

I guess your dad took him saying "I will take a bullet for you" a bit too literal. I hope you can work it out with him though, I'm sure the initial shock of being shot at led to him calling off the wedding.

I think being shot by your soon-to-be father in-law carries more weight than initial shock into calling off the wedding. It takes a lot of animosity and hate to pull a trigger on someone. However, there's not enough detail to this FML. Perhaps we've got another Cheney case here.

bang bang he shot him down, bang bang, he hit the ground..,

flashback.miss 28

That's not the way to do a shotgun wedding. But I agree; we need to know what led up to this (hopefully it was an accident, but if not then...) But at least he's alright now, physically.

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Truths 8

z.z please stop trying to use sarcasm in text chat. It doesn't work quite well as you can see.

I actually don't even think he meant to use sarcasm, sadly I think he's being 100% serious

Truths 8

I doubt that. Why capitalize the word 'SHOT' if he/she didn't indicate it as sarcasm?

Right right, I get it now..had to read it in my sarcasm voice haha

Yea usually I assume that face (-____-)makes it pretty obvious that I'm not being serious. And also capitalizing shot i thought that was a pretty good clue too. And really? Why would i be serious? Im not dumb....

Adding to that, im a girl for whoever said i was a guy. :)

Not saying you are, but you'd be surprised just how stupid people can be on the Internet.

See, thats why i strive not to be. I have my moments. And was half asleep when i posted that because i stayed up all night that past two nights babysitting my four month old nephew. So yeah looking back its kind of dumb, however i was being completely sarcastic.

And responding again. I'd lock myself in a basement if i were that stupid.

Keep it up and you'll be there before you know it.

Ok. So if you were actually reading what i was saying. Yes that was somewhat stupid looking back. So thank for making feel like and idiot.

sematariux 7

Why are you so determined to prove your intelligence to a bunch of keyboard warriors on fml? That's my biggest question reading all of your replies.

He does since hes asking her that question.

Imhere4fml 24

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that was the only detail we did know... we need more than this like #1 said.

we also know hes not her fiance any more hence the wedding is off

Obey_StudBoii 23
Justy101 23

The lack of details makes interpreting this FML tricky. For all we know, the wedding could be off because the fiancé died.

Justy101 23

Oops just realised I skipped the part about him being okay. Awkward *tugs shirt collar*

Neyuu 18

Reading is hard. Especially when it's such a long FML.

My bad, read the FML too fast while skimming through the other FMLs

I'm sure there was a valid reason for it..

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Truths 8

Yea because her father just 'randomly' shot him for no reason..

Hey, neither of us know the whole story. So I take back my comment above, but I do wish we knew more to this story. Hopefully OP comments with more information

Well, judging by the lack of information, he could be a deranged, psychotic mass murderer and OP could be on drugs.

What If somebody broke into your house and tried to rob your shit or harm your kids?? that's a perfect reason to shoot at someone!

oj101 33

Your father was just checking his loyalty. It seems that your (ex) boyfriend would take a bullet for you! How nice.

So you're saying the father was aiming at his own daughter and was about to pull the trigger? And if the fiancé didnt take that bullet, she would of been shot instead?

Given all the gun fans on FML, I wouldn't be surprised.