By lifesux - 05/02/2011 21:28 - South Africa

Today, my mom and I were escorted out of the KFC because my mom tried to mug and pick a fight with another customer. FML
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WTF?!?!? they have KFC in south Africa?!?!?

you're lucky; should have been arrested


you're lucky; should have been arrested

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Σ(・□・;) MY KFC?!?!?

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well maybe they're black... it's all explained! haaaaaa I joke, I'm not that racist. :)

Thats weird, the colonel usually asks for 100 push ups.

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I bet op and his mom was black.

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Silly black people! :D They'll do anything to get their hands on some chikins.

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When I was in Colonel Sanders battalion, he almost never asked for push-ups. He mostly just asked us to do about five squats, then we just ate chicken.

WTF?!?!? they have KFC in south Africa?!?!?

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haha I bet KFC is hella popular in Africa..... hmmm did that sound hella racist?

Yeah it did, sunshine. Just a little bit.

Calm the hell down . Africa is not hiding behind a rock . They aren't neanderthals , they have malls too . I know this because I am from Africa .

thanks for correcting my mistake sirin

Yea of course, black people love the chicken wings :)

Origins of the African Americans love for chicken??

hey my racist remark got moderated, I'm sad now

Yes. We have all kinds of fast food places here in South Africa. We also have houses and internet and schools and electricity, same as the US/UK. Moron.

That's because racism and racist comments aren't tolerated on this community. Read the ******* rules before you post, dipshit. >:(

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haha someone needs to lay off the wings I see

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I understand this situation perfectly. That customer and ur Mom both wanted the last 8pc of Extra Crispy so they had to duel for it. the only sin I seeing in this is that ur Mom lost!!!