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Today, my parents decided to "discipline" my kitten by spraying her with water. This somehow managed to completely un-train her, and now she's back to being the compulsive biter she was when I first brought her home. FML
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that's because she is sensitive and doesn't trust people again.

Bite her back. At least it worked with my child.


that's because she is sensitive and doesn't trust people again.

Now she looks at everyone as if they're the people in your picture

Poor Kitty, it's just a baby, so of corse discipline is needed.... But she doesn't know much better of what ever she did

Seriously? It's a baby. Do you give your 2 month old a whoopin for chewing on your furniture? I would hope not...

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Of course..she's not going to trust people, that'll just make her mad. She's a cat. Cats aren't really that nice anyway

I don't know what cats you've been around, but my cats are pretty nice. They're independent, but do enjoy a nice cuddle here and there. One even sleeps right next to me almost every night.

cutelilscrafty 8

I've owned cats for 14 years. If you train them correctly, they can be sweet, loving, and super cuddly. Sometimes too cuddly, like my cat CC was.

My cats are the friendliest cats in the damn world, I swear (exaggerating). My 20 year old cat has slept in my bed almost every night for the last 15+ years. My 2 kittens (not actual, but we still call them kittens) are the most playful little turds ever.

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My sweet cat is the most lovey cat I've ever know. She loves every human, other animals however are a no.

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One of my cats (only 2 1/2 years old) physically can't bring himself to bite, even with a hand in his mouth. There are many sweet cats out there; They all just have different personalities.

We found one of our cats outside after she was dumped because she wasn't wanted anymore. She was abused and is special needs and she is the sweetest thing ever. She's been through a lot in her life and she loves everybody. She's fearful of men at first but she's never mean. Our other two cats are her babies cause she also got pregnant when she was dumped. They are the sweetest cats ever. They love everyone they meet. So, I don't know what cats you're talking about.

Bite her back. At least it worked with my child.

that worked with my sisters kids as well.

I've been told the same. It didn't work with my sis. She bit harder and thought it was a game. Sadistic little shit...

Lololol there's a Brother-Of-The-Year trophy out there for you somewhere, I swear.

If she's a kitten, she might be teething and the water spraying might not have anything to do with her negative behaviour.

Agreed. My kitten used to bite a lot when she was teething, but she just kind of stopped on her own.

This must be true because she has a picture of a cat. :)

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best. profile picture for this fml. ever.

#27 Cats cannot be enslaved, so she must be the cat's human.

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#47 human can't talk or type... she's definitely the cat having a human pet (bird's talking)

that's weird. I spray my cats with water and they just move or stop what they're doing. but every animal trains differently so hopefully you find something that works.

On a completely different note: How old is your kitten and is it your only cat? Because biting you is not normal behaviour. Kittens should be with their mothers up to 12 weeks of age, otherwise they aren't fully sozialed = will not know how to properly play/interact. This often leads to cats who play or cuddle with their claws out because they never learned any better. If your kitten is old enough but alone you should definitely get a second kitten (approx. the same age) for it to play with. Many humans seem to think they can replace another cat but they can't. Similar to how a child needs other children. A human child with only adults around him will never age into the functional adult he/she could've been. The kitten needs lots and lots of exercise, for hours at a time. It will learn that biting is not ok while playing with other "cats"

So only childs are dysfunctional? Cool.

So because I'm an only child that means I'm not a properly functioning adult?

Your child logic isn't relevant because children attend school and get socialization like that. Parents bring them places like grocery stores. Cats don't exactly like to go out, and I bet they hate school, so you can't really compare the two.

Take it from the oldest: not every child wants siblings.

Lct1196 31

I think she meant like if a ten year old never met someone their age, then they wouldnt know how to socialize.

Honestly, are some of you just plain stupid? Yes of course I meant that every only child is dysfunctional. NOT! I meant the hypothetical situation of a child who's never met any other children as in grown up in a single room without seeing anyone besides their parents, EVER. Because that is how your kitten feels, except that you're not even a cat. Way to miss the point people. One could think that you would be capable of understanding a metaphor...

Can we appreciate the fact we just got extensive animal advice from Fluttershy? Because it is fantastic! Also, she is correct about kittens and their need to be socialized. Their mothers and littermates teach them manners and proper behavior. I t's the same with puppies and their pack. If a puppy bites his mother too hard, she genscofftly places her jaws around his snout, discouraging the behavior. Cats do similar things, as do most animals in general.

Actually, cats only need to be with their mother until they're 8 weeks old. Anytime between 8-12 weeks is fine for them to be separated.

What made your parents think that spraying the cat with water was a good idea? Poor kitty!

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Because usually that's how you teach cats what they're not allowed to do.

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I trained mine by snapping my fingers loud in their faces. After a couple weeks the understood that the snap meant stop.

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I give mine a gentle swat at the base of his tail. Not hard enough to hurt, but it gets my point across.

Studies show that only caused cats to retaliate . Probably why cats are stereotypically grumpy.