By MisUnFortunate - 16/12/2014 18:42 - United States - Stevenson

Today, I woke up to the lovely sounds of goats having escaped their pen and climbed onto the roof. Again. FML
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Hi, I posted this FML. So the goats have escaped their pen and climbed onto the shed roof, don't ask me how because I have no idea. They also attack the watchdog we got specifically to watch them. Poor guy. If my mom didn't like having goats so much I'd have already sacrificed them to Satan, believe me.

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how the fuck did they get up there first

"Again"...? Okay this needs a follow-up.


those must be the goats that ate Billy!

It's pretty common lol. Where I love there's a farmers market type building that has goats that live on the roof. Tons of grass and they climb up and down. But I think the same thing when I see them...makes me giggle :)

how the fuck did they get up there first

Isn't it obvious? They traded the money they make from selling illegal goat chowder to buy a jetpack from the black market. It's common sense.

No, they drank a red bull. Duh.

Seriously, how did that happen? A slope? Or it's just they are very good jumpers?

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Goats are great climbers, #25.

goats are literally the masters of physics. they have great balance and are quite agile. think mountain goats that prance around rocky cliffs ever so majestically. some times they even so flips and tricks.

There's a shed on one side of the house and they climb on the shed roof which is on the other side of my bedroom wall.

They climbed onto the roof of the shed which is connected to the outside of my bedroom wall on the side of the house. And there is a bit of a slope yes.

"Again"...? Okay this needs a follow-up.

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Not really, goats like to climb to get better vantage points.

I hate when that happens! ( does that happen?)

PhantomFollower 20

Goats are excellent climbers, thier natural habitat being hill or mountins. They just love to climb. Mine likes to get on cars.

I mean, you've just "goat" to love those crazy animals!

crazytwinsmom 25

You've goat to be kid'n me!

*clip clop clip clop* "Dangit, Gorge, they're on the roof... Again..."

Atleast they weren't the lovely sound of goats humping on the roof

That's pretty much how it is actually.

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Haha yep. Goats on the roof.

trellz17 19

I feel aliens had something to do with this.

Goat, it's what for dinner.