By mallcop - 14/02/2010 05:07 - United States

Today, while working security at the mall, someone shat his pants. The shit dripped all over the floor and escalator. I was the one who had to stand near the poop so no one stepped in it. FML
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soozjw 2

Could have been worse, you could be the one that has to clear it up lol

On the escalator of all places..


1st hahahahahah

I would have just said ef it if they wanna step in it without looking down, go ahead... people have been stepping in animal shat forever so what's the difference now??? XD


shitbrix 0

shoulda went to a store an bought a mop

#10 They deserved it... they where the ones who shat there pants

YDI for having a shitty job.

fueledbyshar 0

Paul Blart doesn't take care of shat pants. It's his mall, remember?

WhatANoob 0


@46 haha "shitty" job good one

@46: pun intended?

put melted chocolate next to it and wipe it up with your finger and eat it everyone will think yur eating poop lol


better to be the person guarding the poop and not the person that has to clean up the poop

whitley1031 0

Heyy, SOMEONE'S gotta do it :P and ur right, it culd be worse bein th guy w shit in his shorts

GeoThermalSleuth 0

When your a Mall Cop, in a mall, being forced to watch Crap in an elevator, You know it's time to quit your Job. OP I'm sorry you had to go through that, but now is the time you act like a Man and Quit your job.

at least u didn't have to clean it up

@ #46 niceee I was so thinking that OP, at least you didn't have to clean it up!!

vrock 0

today, i was at the mall and shit all over the escalator. as limped away some dorky mall cop gave me a dirty look. FML

XYZzzzzzzz 0

Thats... new. honestly it may be worse to be the dude with crap in his pants though, at least you got paif

1- You're a tool, get yourself a life please. Thanks

hahahahahaha gross

Lick it up,Mallcop!

On the escalator of all places..

soozjw 2

Could have been worse, you could be the one that has to clear it up lol

That's what I was thinking too. And presumably he only had to stand there long enough for the janitor to get there, right?

you deserve it because it's ur job and who cares you didn't have to touch it harden up

hilarious image

MermaidSongXOXO 6

Admit it, you were turned on :]

Ajjas013 6

Gay. He got a blumpkin :)

You can put that on your resume. "Secured pooped floor area". Jack Baur would be proud.

Ha ha. sucks to be you. too bad thats probably the most action your job gets

get a real job. Then you won't have to guard shit!