By heyyoitsapotato - 31/05/2013 02:35 - United States

Today, while working as a lifeguard, a kid took a dump in the pool. When I told everyone to clear the pool so we could clean it, another kid promptly stared at me, stood at the shallow end right where I was standing, pulled down his trunks, and peed on my feet. FML
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Main reason I do not want to have kids. 4 siblings is enough.

Kids these days have no manners


Main reason I do not want to have kids. 4 siblings is enough.

The way your kids turn out is up to you as a parent, it's not hard to understand that.

Why didn't you move

It'd be your fault if they turned out like little shits.

See kids today have no respect. They have no respect because their parents have no respect.

Kids these days have no manners

Parents have a big role in this as well. On another note, this is why I don't use public pools

I'm sure kids have always been taking dumps/pissing where they're not supposed to, not just "these days."

So the kid wanted to be an ingredient of a massive poo stew and be marinated in the juices of someone else's faeces and everyone else's griminess... good luck.

Wow you made me actually gag..

At least he peed on our feet which were underwater.... he could've peed on your head

That's the silver lining to this story? That's just sad...

The fml says OP was standing "at" the shallow end, not "in". He/She was probably standing on the cement. That child is purely evil lol.

17- true but even so of all places to be peed on, feet are probably the least horrifyingly awful

a mentally challenged kid pooped his pants at a pool here, then slipped and landed in it. making it shoot out is pants. i feel your pain.

I could understand if it was an accident for the first kid, but the second kid should be bannned from the pool. Maybe then he would learn.

I'm pretty sure kids have been pooping and peeing in pools since the invention of pools. The child who peed on OP's feet needs to be taught by his parents.

Aaaaaand I'm reminded why I hate most kids. I'm sorry op, it seems like the latter kid needs to learn respect for the people who work.

Some kids just have no respect or discipline. If I had done that and my parents were around, sitting down would have been difficult

Put his head under until the bubbles stop.

It's not funny to joke about drowning children, even horribly behaved ones.

Welcome to the internet, prepare to be extremely pissed off, or in OP's case pissed on.