By I don't want to be here anymore - 03/11/2014 21:16 - Canada - Edmonton

Today, I realized I need a new job. This happened when I was seriously considering ways to break my leg so I could stay at home for a day and not have to deal with my boss. FML
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Sounds like me with my math teacher... I feel your pain.

bigdfootball97 24

Taking "break a leg" to a whole new level…


Sounds like me with my math teacher... I feel your pain.

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You look 12, 8. Are you 12? Because that would explain how you dont know that there are jobs that people can enjoy; or, at the very least, have coworkers and employers who make it bearable.

vanessa_tranz 15

23, his profile says he's 17 (although he could be lying, but I won't jump to conclusions). However I agree with your point. After all, it's likely that a person will spend a large portion of their (adult) life at work. It would suck if you couldn't stand the job.

just because it's a job, doesn't mean you can't enjoy it. that's why there are a multitudes of jobs. my father enjoys working with food, my boyfriend is interested in law enforcement, and I enjoy the medical field. that's why we focus on those areas. if people chose jobs on interest rather than pay, people might enjoy life a little more.

#8, Have you ever even had a job? Probably not. You obviously don't know that it's usually the people who make the job either bearable or unbearable.

nikojhavlin 12

8, Work is supposed to be fun most of the time. I always look forward to going to work. If work isn't fun its more than likely your bosses fault

bigdfootball97 24

Taking "break a leg" to a whole new level…

You could say you have food poisoning... and you don't even have to poison yourself.

Or poison ur self to make ur lie more believable in...sick? Yikes, OP, if it's worth breaking a leg over then maybe you do need to look for a new job. Remember though, the grass isn't always greener...

Dude time to look for a new job instead of lots of pain

Find a way to break your boss' leg instead.

Dodge4x4Ram 46

go back to school if you want to get a real better job

Okei now I'm curious, how do you know what kind of job OP is doing, so that you can say he must go to school again to get a "real" better job?

OP might have a degree and works in a specialised field, of which jobs are limited. Doesn't mean they have to go back to school. I left school at 16, college at 17 and I'm on my second IT job, earning more than my friends are now in debt by at university. You don't need school for a decent job per se, there are other ways to get into work.

op didn't say he hated his job, he said he hates his boss, he might be making more money than you. don't assume shit you don't understand

good luck on the job hunt op. I hope you find something worth it

That's terrible, hope you find abetted job op

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Try breaking your leg at work