By WordBea - United States - Philadelphia
Today, I found a crying little kid alone in a park. I walked around with him for a bit to try to find his parents. When I found his dad, all he did was take the kid and menacingly leer at me until I left. FML
WordBea tells us more :
Hello - OP here. I was helping at an event when this happened. First of all, I'd like to say that there was no way the kid just wandered off. His dad was in a parking lot looking for his stuff in his car at least 200 meters away. He just had his head up his ass. Second of all, I know it was wrong to not call the police or at least get some adult involved, but I'm only 14, and so I guess I wasn't jaded enough yet to realize any predator in the vicinity might see that as the perfect opportunity. For what it's worth, though, I saw a very close resemblance between the two, so at least that's something.
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  MrsDruidess  |  23

I was going to put how I would have thanked OP and there would have been hugs, maybe even tears depending on how long I had been looking for my son. However not to sound shitty but I wouldn't have lost him to begin with. (I dont want to hear it naysayers - you can go on about this stiff happens. . . no it doesn't if you are playing with them and not on your phones, I dont want to hear it. it's called responsibility. Dont want to watch them, stay home!)
But I am with you #2 some people are just assholes, this guy obviously didn't care enough to watch his child

  jmcr  |  27

i can disagree with on that. my parents told me when i was a little kid i was really bad at running off and this was before smartphones were invented. so it is something that DOES happen even though they tried their best

By  iiTzNeeNerz  |  26

For the kids sake, I really hope that was indeed the dad.

I saw a video/social experiment where they placed a child actor on the street to see if people would help her find her parents and a pedophile was caught trying to pose as someone who knew the child.

  cuckfancergcb  |  10

There's another experiment similar to that, in which a man goes to the parents of children at the park and asks them if he can see what their kid would do if he offered them candy. It's called "Child Predator Social Experiment: Would Your Kid Take Candy From a Stranger?" by Rich Ferguson.


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