By Dezzy - United States - Springfield
  Today, I decided to give my boyfriend a surprise striptease. After I turned around, I heard him murmur "Oh, wow." I turned back around, only to find him watching a gif of a cat falling into snow in slow motion. FML
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  Xandrick  |  22

A strange thing....if a woman is not in the mood, the proper thing is to excuse her without fuss (which I totally understand), and any show of frustration from the man means that he's a lowly Neanderthal who lets his penis run his life.
But when a man is not in the mood, he's not excused, and a woman's anger and frustration is somehow justified. RollingCakes' negative comment rating is an example of this.

  LuckBeNimble  |  19

not necessarily, I think the general "outrage" at her BF is because she was trying to do something nice for him and he dismissed it, not the fact that he isn't sex-crazed; for instance, if a guy had tried to surprise his GF with something nice and she couldn't care less we'd call her a bit of a bitch, intentions notwithstanding.