Isa_Marie0113 tells us more.

Hey guys! I wrote that FML. Yep, wasn't one of my best moments, but it's something we can laugh at now especially since he's usually the one that's gassy! Thanks for reading it and I hope you all had a good laugh too! (I would just like to add that I'm about to click "Spill the beans!" and I'm dying over the irony.)

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I'm pretty sure he has lots of gas at night also. But then again, if he stays with u after that then he's a keeper!

Boy, that sure stinks.


Boy, that sure stinks.

don't take that shit from him. that's a load of crap.

You tried too hard, #10

Well that's rude.

You want him to say nothing and just take it? That's how abusive relationships start.

#22 nice slippery slope fallacy.

yeah. don't look at someone you find attractive either. don't you know thats how we get babies?

^while it was a dumb comparison. Some people may want a baby. I don't know anyone who wants an abusive relationship (other than fetish wise)

How is farting in your sleep the start of an abusive relationship?

The boyfriend might also be impressed.

#33, can you even tell me what a "slippery slope fallacy" is? Stop trying to be teacher's pet in your English 1A class.... Most here could not give a single fuck.

Hey! It is rude. Imagine your boyfriend saying that to you.. He should've ignored it. Or if not, at least we know that he was being honest and he loves her because he hasn't left her.

I'm pretty sure he has lots of gas at night also. But then again, if he stays with u after that then he's a keeper!

Im sorry! At least if he stays with you you'll know he's a keeper

why would someone breake up after that?

People break up for the stupidest things. Have you not read the stories on here? Lol

Tell him that you are sure he is used to it. since he is a grown man....

^possibly not, I know I pass gas in my sleep but it usually doesn't wake me nearly as often as when my partner passes gas. My smell vs my partners doesn't wake me as often either. Not sure if it's some conscious kinda thing, as if your body knows it's functions as you sleep, and doesn't wake you for it, but yeah... That's just how it is

Shit happens, Op. Hopefully he can look past it.

Thankfully shit didn't happen, just gas.

ouch that's harsh

it's toot bad he wasn't sleeping

mate you're trying too hard...