By Anonymous - 23/01/2016 01:43 - Canada - Moncton

Today, I discovered that the pain I've had for the past couple of weeks was actually due to a broken collar bone. Now work won't pay for the treatment I need because I continued to work despite the pain. FML
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Don't Canadians usually go on about their free healthcare?

superman21_fml 19

Did it happen at work? If so they should cover it regardless of whether or not you continued to work.


superman21_fml 19

Did it happen at work? If so they should cover it regardless of whether or not you continued to work.

I broke both my collar bones and it does not feel good. figured you at least would go get it checked out.

Murilirum 23

Yeah they don't really have actual control whether they pay or not, if it happened at work they have to.

It's funny that you think that, and I agree they should, but most companies couldn't care less about their employees when it comes to employees Vs their wallet. If OP didn't say/document anything at the time of the incident, at work, or visit urgent care/the ER at the time of the injury then there is no paperwork to prove that the accident happened while on the clock, and the company will fight to not have to cover any medical costs.

unless your workplace was the source of the break I don't think that your work should have to pay for treatment

Don't Canadians usually go on about their free healthcare?

most healthcare is free, but casts, physiotherapy, prescription drugs are only partially covered

Steve97 32

Yeah but he isn't getting paid from his work while recovering because he didn't report it the moment the pain started. As unfair as that sounds most jobs want to know that the injury is work related and won't cover you if you report it days after it happened because by law they don't have to since they could say it happened outside of work.

Right, this is a worker's compensation-type issue.

It is free. So long as you go to the Emergency Room for everything and are willing to wait months to see a specialist. Unless there's something very serious. I had a problem with my eye, got an appointment with a world class neurologist scheduled for 30 minutes after I left the opthamology clinic and was in the four million dollar thumping donut inside of a week.

Unless it happened at work they shouldn't have to pay for your broken collar bone

Right?! My thoughts exactly. Yeah I feel bad for OP but they can't blame their job unless it happened at work.

I don't think that they are forced to pay if it didn't happen at work. Get well soon OP.

I think they're legally obligated to pay for it, so long as it happened there.

corky1992 33

Only if it they were to report it immediately. if they waited 2 weeks they can't really prove that work caused it and the work place has the right to deny payment.

websphere69 27

that's why it's important to report any injury or possible injury as soon as possible at work...

Pretty much this. It's better to report any pain early on rather than trying to tough it out.

hipposteve 21

get informed, call HR or workforce commision, a labor law representative should guide you through the procedure. go to the hospital and save all receipts and bills! hope you feel better!

moocowmilk0 19

pretty sure you can get some legal action done

Don't jump to conclusions. We don't know what the cause of the injury is and where it started. Know the full story before criminalizing the workplace.

corky1992 33

if it happened at work it should have been reported immediately. if it wasn't then the work place has every right to deny payment. OP would just be wasting time and money if they were to take legal action considering they worked for 2 weeks with it injured.