By MoonStarShine3 - 09/06/2015 16:12 - United Kingdom - Chorley

Today, my boss yelled at me for being 3 hours late. I was late because I fell down the stairs and broke my arm. Apparently, breaking my arm is not a good enough excuse. FML
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Lol that's the kind of place that wouldn't even give workman's comp.

I've broken my leg in 5 places and it just completely sucked

It sucked, #23? That's odd, when I broke my leg in 5 places it was actually quite pleasant, like a nice massage :)

You still went into work three hours after breaking your arm? Your boss should give you an award, not a lecture.

It sounds like OP didn't call his/her boss to let them know, otherwise s/he would have said so. Maybe that's why s/he got yelled at.

I could argue the point that maybe due to pain meds, cell phone signal failure, etc. the OP couldn't reach their boss. If I broke my arm, I'd forget most things.

I wouldn't have even gone in that day haha. You sound like a great employee. Maybe it's time for a job where they can appreciate that.

Not really, if he didn't call the boss to tell him he wasn't coming in. Maybe OP's job is important and they were really counting on him

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Good S.E. Hinton reference! The Outsiders was an awesome book!!

Tell him to stick it where it fits the best. Hope you get better soon

Despite being the injured party, you are being "cast" in the role of the workplace villian?

it happens OP to reach thay kind of stage boss have to be like that.P.S take a day off or a week take care of yourself

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THAT'S the golden solution to everything: quit. You'll get so far ahead in life.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say your boss is not a nice person.