By Anonymous - 20/08/2013 08:38 - United Kingdom - Colchester

Today, on the train, I was sitting next to a homeless man. As we left the train he shook my hand and was seemingly on his way. That was until he caught me greeting my boyfriend, to which he decided to tell the romantic story of how he murdered a man for "getting too close to his woman." FML
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summerguy97 16


summerguy97 16

Apparently, where he comes from handshakes are binding relationship contracts.

Jake_Hale 7

This is actually a better love story than twilight.

At least he's protective... I mean you shook his hand.. That's pretty serious and you probably shouldn't have greeted your boyfriend in front of him after that..

That seems like a bit of a bummer! (pun intended)

One thing to remember, never make any contact with anyone while on public transportation!!!!!

CallMeMcFeelii 13

This really can't be stressed enough. A simple "hello" will land you knee deep in a story you really don't want to hear. Unless its a cute girl, then you're almost obliged to come off as creepy with all the winks and tongue flicks you can do. Ahh, good times.

Damian95 16

The homeless usually have the best(and most creepy) stories.

those stories are probably why they're homeless

If I murdered someone i wouldn't go around telling people that.

Pwn17 25

I have a feeling that he's too psycho to care.

And I have a feeling that just maybe he's mentally disabled

I doubt he really killed anybody.. Im betting he's just mentally sick like the guy above me said

AppleJuiceBox 10

And that's the story of why he's homeless.

AtomicDiamond87 15

if you're crazy and you know it, shake your meds!!

If you're crazy and you know it and you really want to show it, if you're crazy and you know it shake your meds. (Shake Shake)