By Anonymous - / Wednesday 29 December 2011 07:03 / United States
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  WeeGee_fml  |  0

no don't bite back he bit you cause he's a radioactive hobo. He gave you super powers! I'm not sure what powers that gives you but I'm sure of what the commissioner will use to notify you of trouble. throw loose change at the villains. lol but in all seriousness I know someone who was bit by a hobo so fyl

  Person1233  |  12

The homeless are not your average ordinary person. They can move at the speed of light and shoot lazers from their eyes! However, when it comes to finding a job, they intimidate too many people and must resort to using the "homeless" disguise once they are fired. I knew a guy...


Today, I was changing the oil on my car. I decided to pretend I was delivering a baby as I was removing the oil filter. I got really into it and was screaming things like "I see the head," and when I removed it, I said "Oh, it's a boy!" As I reach for my rag to clean it, I saw my neighbor's boots. FML

By nwalsh2009 - / Friday 18 December 2009 04:29 / United States
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