By Whoopsie - 22/02/2012 15:53 - United States

Today, I was sitting on the bus and as I'm quite short my legs were dangling. Some guy, who wasn't looking where he was going, tripped over my foot and went flying. He and everyone else on the bus glared at me like it was deliberate. The man next to me even changed seats in disgust. FML
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For some reason when I read 'flying' I imagined flying like superman not tripping. That changes everything

klovemachine 24

FYL. the guy deserved it :) he needs to watch his step ha ha ha


Snafuusmc 12

I guess he were a short fall. As a 6'5 man I am I don't even know what's short anymore.

bamagrl410 31

lol. It would've made sense if he said "As, THE 6'5" man I am," instead. However I'm not really sure what the first part of the comment says...

You am have the perfect grammar. I only wish is to do only if I can have to be more like.

Snafuusmc 12

-____- you actually care about grammar on the Internet? Go complain somewhere else!

45 - especially I if I am I that bad are we online people big is deal I

45- Grammar and spelling are important. No 1 wants 2 se som1 type lyk dis, because that shit is ******* annoying.

45-Grammar is important. Your original comment literally makes no sense. Or I am unable to comprehend your cummingsesque prose. One of the two.

KendalKeller 3

Dont give a **** about grammar!

PYLrulz 17

Normally, I don't side with grammar Nazis. But this is an exception. Learn some English #2

Snafuusmc 12

I do know english....but being as you people are I wouldn't expect you to correct every single word that is misspelled. I don't type lyk dis your over exaggerating of what I said plus it was a little spelling error.

^ Where in God's name are you from? Your comments confuse the hell outta me.

some of you guys are being too cruel. people make mistakes and some people just type lyk dis. if u don't like it, you don't need to type that way. plus who says you can't make comments if you don't know proper english?? people all over the world uses english and are not going to be fluent. does that mean they cant join any kind of internet in english cause they arent fluent??

I think that, 2 thought the fml said that the tall person tripped the short person because he said something about there being a "short fall" And he was trying to impress everyone with his height.

satans_babe13 0

As a 5'11 girl, I fully understand your point of view.

koolkat27 13

why should people care if theres bad grammar usage on fml? its a website, not a ******* job application.

That is the saddest excuse for illiteracy I've heard all day. People who say stuff like "it isn't ******* English class" or similar things are missing the point. English class provides training for communicating in the real world. We don't shit in the middle of the street because "it isn't ******* potty-training class". Or at least I don't. Maybe I am just weird like this, but if we can't be bothered putting some effort into writing, maybe we should stick to reading.

koolkat27 13

91- i dont care i people sound illiterate. maybe its just people like you who have sand in their vaginas.

If I could give you a thumb up Sirin, I would.

FeroniaMoonscyth 2

Okay everyone on that vehicle overreacted a smidge.

klovemachine 24

FYL. the guy deserved it :) he needs to watch his step ha ha ha

laplander_fml 0

Thats when op should help him up and excuse herself then say it wasn't done purposefully. = no bad glares

bfsd42 20

I kinda get the picture that op is the sort of self contained person who gets in peoples way without any regard for common courtesy. Otherwise they would not have been dangling their legs in the aisle. Op deserved it.

You do know that assuming about a person you don't know makes you an asshole, right?

tylersign 11

Time to trade in the clown shoes.

TheDrifter 23

Somehow when I read this I pictured the op with legs swinging like a 4 year old at the table and big feet.

For some reason when I read 'flying' I imagined flying like superman not tripping. That changes everything

Could of been super man going to fly off the bus, but someone had kryptonite and he couldn't, so he blamed her. Wise man he is.

Mister_Triangle 21

The only thing it changes is the number of sequels and reboots this FML will have

Yeah he should be more observative though it does suck that they thought you did it on purpose.

People need to stop jumping to conclusions so fast damn

To be honest my legs are pretty ******* long. I have a hard time not tripping anyone since I have to stretch em out. But dam even being short does the job? Wow.

***Im not sure what you look like op, but I imagine if you're short enough you could have started crying and apoligized like a little kid. If lucky, maybe a girl would have let you hug her ;)

Yeah, I can understand a long-legged person having his/her feet in the aisle but if you're short, wouldn't your feet dangle in front of you? How does someone walking in an aisle, presumably on your side, trip over your feet in that scenario?

Like if one foot was sticking out, when the person lifts their foot to take a step they hit their ankle on OP's foot and fall over.

That guy is soo dramatic. He couldve caught himself