By Anonymous - 26/01/2017 10:04 - United States - Newtown

Today, my crush fell asleep on me on the bus. This would have been fantastic if I didn't immediately have an erection in her ear. FML
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No he just had a super long dick lol

So, you're into aural sex?


Was her head on your crotch or something?

No he just had a super long dick lol

Am I the only one who noticed they are recycling these as new FML's??

Why does it say the op is a female but they had an erection?

Because FML needs to fix the genders, comment sections. Etc...

it says male.

So, you're into aural sex?

OP should be careful with that. She might get hearing AIDs.

I mean ears must be pretty tight

if I were u, I would just ignore that part and just be happy that she fell asleep on you. Good luck!?

Doesn't matter still counts

Self control darling. Self control.

Hmmmmm, I sure do love bonners in my ear.

It's funny because you're from Penisvania

species4872 19

It it come out the other ear as well?