By Roll Tide of Tears - 17/01/2016 03:28 - United States

Today, on my college visit, I met a perfect girl for me, sweet, gorgeous, on the same career path. I remember everything we talked about, where she is from, what sport she plays, and her recent internship. But when I went to look her up online, I couldn't remember one thing, her name. FML
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You should have got her phone number.

Ask around campus. Im sure someone will know who your talking about.


Ask around campus. Im sure someone will know who your talking about.

It's a small step from Internet creeping to full blown stalker, if she was interested you would have her name and number.

Not necessarily true, sometimes a girl won't just give out her number unless the guy asks

#15 He said that he forgot her name. Meaning that she did give it to him, he just forgot it.

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College campuses are very large and have a lot of people. OP would be very lucky if someone knew who he was talking about.

I'm sure you could use all the other information to stalk her a bit and get her name

I'd go with looking up the sport she plays in her hometown and seeing if there are any pictures of her playing the sport (and her name.) ...not that I've ever had to go to such lengths ?

Just try to find her on campus and ask her if she has Facebook, Twitter etc.

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Am I the only one under the impression that it was a college visit meaning neither of them were enrolled there yet and that it was simply one of the potential schools out of the universities they applied to. So the students there wouldn't know her.

#33, oh yeah, you're probably right on that one.

You should have got her phone number.

I'm sure there are people around campus who know her. Good luck with your search OP

damn sorry to hear that OP but hey have faith that maybe you two might meet again .... and if that fails well you know her internship soooo you know be bruce wayne and detective it ?

Why didn't you exchange numbers or at least write her name down somewhere??

As far as i know, a lot of people don't write the other persons name after meeting them. But i agree with the exchanging numbers.

Maybe she'll look you up and contact you? Or if it's a small school you might run into her.

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Based on his name, I'm going with the University of Alabama. Which isn't a small school, but maybe given that they have the same majors they could have classes together at some point.

I'm horrible at names as well, like others have said, just ask around, someone will know her.