By anon - 16/01/2016 23:15 - United Kingdom - Sheffield

Today, I slept with my deputy manager. He slept with my insane jealous housemate months ago. I need to find a new job and a new flat. FML
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Your assuming she knew that he had slept with her housemate beforehand but she probably only found out afterwords. Plus it was months ago anyway

sleeping with your boss is bad enough

It's an FML first, this comment not getting thumbed down with the reply of "there's a button for that".

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There a button for that *thumbs down*

Anything past sleeping with your deputy manager is irrelevant. YDI. Expecting sympathy; **** no, rofl.

Honestly I don't know why it would be a YDI. If OP was into her boss and the boss wasn't in a relationship, where is OP wrong? I'm honestly just asking since I can't even play devil's advocate here.

How does op deserve it for getting some?

#55 it's insanely unprofessional, for starters. most companies discourage romantic relationships between bosses and their subordinates, because it adds bias and favoritism to the situation. And if it's against company policy (which it is in pretty much any industry), you can be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

I agree with #11. You shouldn't sleep with your boss, but things happen.

If you knew your roommate would be insane and jealous, why would you sleep with him?? YDI

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I don't think OP knew her roommate slept with him

The better question is why would you sleep with your deputy manager to begin with.

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Because they are both adults and attracted to each other? The real question (to me) is how her deputy manager could have slept with her housemate without her knowing it...

If they're adults, they should act like it. Acting soley on attraction is not a very adult thing to do.

Theres nothing wrong with acting on attraction. If two people think the other is hot, then why not have sex?

1. Relatives 2. Coworkers, even if it's not against company policy it would still make things awkward 3. Legality 4. Sexual harassment (assuming you went up to everyone you thought was hot and asked them for sex) 5. Cheating 6. Friends being hurt 7. Roommates ...Need I go on?

if acting on attraction means sleeping with your manager and consequently losing your job, I think most people would agree that acting on attraction might not be that great of an idea

There's a button for that, just like there's a button for this.

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why would you need to find a new job too?

Perhaps intraoffice relationships aren't allowed at their job.

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10- the boss can't fire her for sleeping with him that's sexual harassment. If intraoffice relationships aren't allowed then he's equally as liable.

I don't doubt that, but if anybody else finds out—say, for example, an insane jealous housemate—both the OP and their boss might be looking for new jobs.

It's probably because having a relationship with your boss can make work awkward.

Sounds like lack of communication between you and your ex roomie

Communication is key in this situation if she told you and you did it YDI if you didn't know it FYL.

Sounds like, in the end, you only screwed yourself.

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As did you with this awful pun

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Sleeping with the boss is never a good idea man...