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By  WeirdUS  |  29

that's kind of creepy. Now if it was unintentional still weird but at least excusable but I'm guessing that's not the case so you deserve whatever awkwardness that results from that meeting.

  TanzWolf  |  26

I mean.. The wife could have named the baby with no idea what it meant to the husband, and she really loved the name, and the husband didn't want to tell her no. Y'all too quick to assume the worst.


If that were the case #19, it would've probably been brushed off as a coincidence and wouldn't be much of an FML. The OP wouldn't have emphasized that the wife "definitely noticed" that their daughter and the ex share the same name. This implies OP probably gave, or at least suggested, the name for their daughter.

By  caterfly  |  14

Oh here's a great idea - name your daughter after the woman you loved and lost as a daily reminder that your wife is not her and the child that you have together is secretly your way of holding on in a totally fucked up way. YDI.

By  InfiniteSunshine  |  32

I've seen a few instances where a parent has named their child after an ex or "the one that got away," and it's just weird. Give your child it's own name and identity. Don't use them as a tool that acts as a constant reminder of someone you used to be with. Not to mention it's incredibly disrespectful to your wife. You did this without telling her where the name came from, making it seem like you're hiding something and still pining after your ex. It just comes off as creepy and kind of obsessive.