By Maria - 20/08/2012 13:25 - Estonia - Tallinn

Today, a stranger came up to me with a flirty smile, greeted me by my name, and asked if I remembered him. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't remember, so I asked him to tell me. He promptly left with a disappointed look. He was the most gorgeous person I've ever seen. FML
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You probably met him on Chatroulette and don't remember. Awkward.


HowAreYouToday 34

Or at least fake early onset alzhimers or retrograde amnesia.

JackeeDawn 9

OP you should have giggled and got his number then asked him how he spells his name for their phone contact in your phone. :)

Psych101 9

9- I believe that happened in another FML and the guy's name turned out to be Bob. So that doesn't always work.

I think he mistook you for someone else. If he was that gorgeous I am sure you'd remember him.

Playing along is the best way. Or say I don't remember you but let's go for coffee and we can talk about it.

Psych101 9

20- It's possible, but unlikely since he greeted OP by name.

19-Probably not if he greeted her by her name...

Yeah I agree with number 1. You should've played along and flirted a little.

noelykins1 19

He could of been a geek in high school who she picked on and he just wanted to tear her reaction. Seems like something I would do(;

23 my mistake I just realized that he called her by her name. Perhaps he was one of your friends back in the days and now he is extremely gorgeous ?

11 - that's why you hand them your phone and ask them to put their info in. It's almost fail-proof!

"I could never forget that gorgeous face of yours, but remind me of your name." C' mon girl!

wellfuuucckme 7

Well no 20- you see it says he greeted her with HER NAME !

11-yeah but in that case you can say "oh sorry, for some reason I thought your name was Beau" or a name like that, throw him off ;)

Once they had a date he might be very amused to learn she had lied about the Alzheimer's just to get a date. I doubt he'd be mad.

11- i usualy just hand my phone over and ask them totype their name and bumber in for me if i cant remember.

cupcakekallie 6

OP should've just flirted back saying "I think I would remember someone as sexy as you"

3- Those are serious illnesses, nothing to joke about. I don't think pretending she had either one would've been a good idea. Karma.

SmallyBigs 9

That's twice you use that to get one of the first comments.

Psych101 9

Such wit and eloquence should never be allowed be on FML. Make no mistake, you're getting thumbed down because of how clever your comment was.

Psych101 9

That seems like his fault. It wasn't like you were trying to forget him, and he clearly wanted you to remember him.

Well it was obviously a misunderstanding because if he was that gorgeous, she would have remembered him. However, maybe she met him drunk at a party?

Psych101 9

My point is that even if she had met him and just didn't remember him, it was still his fault for walking away. He clearly wanted to talk to her and we know that OP wanted to talk to him.

That's true. He should have at least explained to her who he thought she was.

Ummm just wondering u all r guys right!! Lol i mean don't u know a it would have made him feel low on him that she doesn't even know his name and that would have been an awkward time 'while explaining who is he'.... Hope i made my point clear [bad english sorry :( ]

ArielTheMermaid 17

Disappointment. It comes in many forms. That sucks, OP! Hopefully you two will cross paths again, seeing as he knew you by name.

55- Hold on: you KNEW the English was bad, and yet you proceeded to use it? Really?

117- I'm guessing he meant that English isn't his first language. Doesn't mean he can't use it at all.

ArielTheMermaid 17

117 your profile picture is hilarious

You probably met him on Chatroulette and don't remember. Awkward.

siickman 7

LOL 93 i see what you did there you sneaky you. :3

Bonzer 2

Has no one seen Impractical Jokers here?

SenselessPattern 12

Let me shed some light on why 137# sounds hopped up on crack. There used to be a huge DocBastard-involved grammar/vocabulary rage party on this thread, and for some reason the mods seemed to have missed a comment while they were quarantining the clutter of internet warriors. Most peculiar, as I've known the FML mods to be pretty thorough.

KiiwiiRox 6

Don't feel bad You should of kept pushing to see if he'd tell you how you met or something

You should HAVE kept pushing to correct your grammar. I agree with you, OP definitely should've gone after him, but I hate that egregious error, so thumbs down.

rudegirlmania 10

12, you and I knew what she was saying, so where's the problem? When spoken in conversation, "should have" will sound like "should've" or "should of"...there's no problem here except for your large nose being pushed up in the air. Do everybody a favor, take your holier-than-thou attitude and gtfo

rudegirlmania - So by your logic, eye kan right like this and it will bee ok. You surely understood what I wrote, and "eye" sounds like "I", etc. So what's the problem? Who the **** cares how it sounds in conversation? She ****** up - that's not such a big deal. What IS such a big deal is people like you who play the mistakes down like it's meaningless. That's how mistakes get propagated. If we had more Grammar nazis around, maybe fewer people would make these mistakes, and eventually Grammar nazis would cease to be necessary.

ant1ion 12

Lol that was really weird to read for a second

rudegirlmania 10

No Doc, there's a huge difference between one word in a sentence being changed and the entire sentence turning into a sea of wrong, even on a casual site such as this. My opinion remains. Now, had she used "should of" in a formal essay, yes, mark her off. I can say more. However, as this is FML and not an English grammar forum, expounding on this concept would not be smart, so I'll just say this: I had no idea what you typed because almost every if not every word in your sentence was skewed. It took time for me to work out the meaning. Since we are in a casual setting, since it was only one word, and since it was easily made sense of, (you get me?) I still see the only problem here being the elitist "grammar nazis".

Rudegirlmania - Your "opinion" remains ridiculous. If you couldn't figure out the sentence I wrote, then you're an idiot and need to go back to grade school. Your tired old "this isn't English class, so what's the difference?" argument has been tried again and again, and it has failed every time. The fact is that "should of" is not only grammatically incorrect, in is completely nonsensical. And the fact that some people (myself NOT included) pronounce it the same as "should've" is irrelevant. I don't get my knickers in a twist over a simple typo, but this isn't a simple typo. You may see this as a "casual" forum, but I've seen this type of crap on resumes and job applications. It DOES carry over, whether you choose to believe it or not. If you can type "should have" on an essay, you should damned well be able to do it here.

rudegirl is rite, doc. I mean oemgeez it's like FML not a english class. Get ovr urself, yolo and all that shizznizzle. Word.

64, it's sometimes beneficial to be corrected on phrases or spellings that often get muddled up. People can then take what they've learned and apply it elsewhere. Grammar Nazis are useful when someone has made a common error. One by one, slowly but surely, the world might be better educated in English. People who use slang also need grammar Nazis because I never understand what they're trying to say!

Doc you're absolutely right. I've got your back! Stupid people trying to blame their mistakes on apathy.... probably just trying to cover up the fact that they don't know any better.

ant1ion 12

69 - yeah I learn my grammar from here, it's quite helpful

After reading all of these comments, I came to the conclusion that it doesn't matter what you put on FML, someone will be there to **** with you. Therefore, who gives a ****?

SenselessPattern 12

Damn Doc, lately you've been ripping a lot of people new ones, and I know you hate it when people tell you to change your ways, but you seem much more.....forceful. Not my place to judge, just stating an observation.

You think people would learn to not argue with DocBastard....

SenselessPattern - You may he right. I suppose I've detected a pattern of stupidity among some of the might even call it a senseless pattern. Maybe I should back down and lay off for a while. Nah, **** it.

dlcj18 2

I'm in agreement with rude girl mania it is a casual site in reality no one takes the way they write on Facebook or text messages and writes an essay to turn into the English professor in college it's a casual site a lot of people really are to much on grammar. But in reality I don't wanna waste my time spelling something out on my phone or are how it's spelt on my phone life will go on

Life WON'T go on if your typing is as shitty as this on an essay. Why not make a habit so that whether or not you're on a casual site, it'll stick? If you can't be bothered, then boo ******* hoo. If you want your life to go on in a blubbering, moronic illiterate state, it's nobody's fault but yours.

elletex 8

100, not wanting to be bothered to speak your native language properly, because it takes too much time is the epitome of laziness. Good grief.

insertnameherr 11

did that girl REALLY try to win a fight with DOCBASTARD?? I can't be the only one who thinks that was hilarious.

saransh 3

Doc...may be you want to make the world a better place. But there always is a better way to solve problems and conflicts. What I observe in you is too much self righteousness and stubbornness to the limit of pushing your opinions and ideals on others. Maybe some people just want to have fun here ... Read write as they wish... No need to be bossy and derogatory to others. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and writing preferences.... If you have any issues whatsoever... Please request for a change in terms and conditions of FML. Then we will write as per your preferences. I like your commitment though. :)

I have a question for all of you grammar nazis to ask yourselves (we don't need to hear your answer). Without looking it up, can you conjugate the verbs lay and lie and tell the semantic difference between them? Be honest with yourselves. No cheating. This is a self test. If you have to ask Mr Google then you cant deny that your command of these very simple English words is woefully ignorant and therefore, your grammar nazism, sadly hypocritical. if the answer is no then STFU.

Calyx, Calyx, Calyx. Getting humiliated the last time you challenged me to conjugate those words wasn't enough, I see. That was last year, I believe. Did you just hope that everyone would forget about that? My answer is "yes" to your question - I conjugated the words again just in case I'd forgotten since last time, then checked my answers with Mr Google. Now, my problem is that your argument is fallacious. Even if I hadn't been able to conjugate them, would that make me a hypocrite? No, because I don't claim to know every little thing about the English language. What I do claim to do is correct people on stuff I DO know is false. I'm guessing that you only speak English, which is probably the reason you don't understand the value of people helping you along with your grammar and spelling. Well, that and being a childish egomaniac. Sad, really. :( Oh well. G'day.

CoffeeChickBlows 13

Yep I remember that too, it was before I made an account. Burn calyx, burn.

Humiliated? Hardly. I don't even remember your answer. I probably didn't even check the thread again after I posted. I often don't even bother. Nor do I care what your answer was. No one is impressed by your flawless command of English language minutiae, Mr Smarty Pants. In fact, it's boring, you grammar geek. So while you are swimming in your own smug cesspool of propriety the rest of us are making improv FML humor under your wet blanket, unimpressed.

Really? That's funny, because all I see you doing is equivocating and whining, just like you're accusing us of doing. Your challenge failed, again, and you've got no defence against my arguments, no counter to my attack on your meaningless, fallacious argument. So suck it up and canter off, again, and post some of that great, witty improv humor somewhere. Thumbs up! We're all rooting for you!

That's because it's FML, not debate team. I don't give a squirt of warm piss about who is more correct. Worship of correctness is the sad religion of you grammar nazis; to which I am a grinning heretic. I'm here to get a giggle about FMLs not to bicker about insignificant minutiae. So, go **** you're self.

I usually stay out of these battles, but I'll jump in here. The defenders of correct language are correct. When my error is pointed out, my reply is "Thank you." Why? Because I know the difference between casual and careless. The errors on resumes and job applications DocB mentioned are a big reason why I try to get it right every time, everywhere. Another reason is my respect for the FML community. I like literate and witty, and errors interfere with my enjoyment and that of others. Standards pay off, in the long and short runs.

137- darl, what on earth are you on about pray tell?

93 - that made me lol, hard hahaha, nice!

loveyouall81 2

It's only because I've told you three times during that night. Ugh.

SystemofaBlink41 27

I think he's trying to pretend to be the stranger in OP's story.

Big_lama6 7

Maybe he was just playing a joke on you?

And he got her name right, too? Well, then again, that's easy to find out by waiting a few seconds

48- This WAS in the work section... so I'm guessing OP was at work and had her name tag on. It's the perfect opportunity to pull a great prank on someone as forgetful (about her name tag) on OP.

104- Your picture is making me extremely queasy....

104- Your picture is making me feel really queasy.....

With_Love929 3

86- This was in the mischevious section actually, the work section i think is a breif case.

With_Love929 3

104- i met Sal on the subway! Irrelevent but awesome i got a picture.

Aw. It's okay...if you're in college or older, he probably changed so much from high school that he's unrecognizable now. Or he's just pranking you.

olpally 32

How awful... Too drunk to remember maybe?? Why wouldn't he introduce himself by his name though??? That's just weird.

because he knew her and it seems to some sort of test. some peoples memory gets triggered putting names to faces. if so "hi, my name is [insert name here]." would be pointless as that would trigger the memory and op could play along as if she knew from the beginning! :)

I bet he is an extremely good looking but extremely dangerous stalker. Call me paranoid, but this may be his way of making the first contact with you.