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Today, my cousin is coming home after his honeymoon. His gift to his new wife was a puppy, which I said I would take care of while they went away. I sneezed last week and scared the puppy. She ran off. This was ten days ago, and I still haven't found the dog. FML
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Are you telling me you had a PUPPY outside not on a lead? Or are you telling me you have lost a puppy inside your own home? Either way, you are fucktarded. The poor puppy :(

Replace the pup before they return from the trip.


Hope you find the puppy and that they're ok.

Just remember, honesty is the best policy. Lying just makes it worse.

honestly, you should have called him when you couldn't find the dog, and you could have worked something out. now you're stuck with no puppy, an angry and probably stressed out cousin and a confused cousin-in-law. (sorry if that's an improper term.) I feel like you kinda deserved it for not calling him and telling him the truth.

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56, why would she call him and interrupt him on his honeymoon to give him bad news that could wait til they get back??? That's just silly. I wouldn't even want to know til I got back if it was me.

better to be a 'yes! problem fixed and stayed fixed' kind of surprise than an 'oh shit the dogs gone. now what?' surprise

kristabelli 19

Yes but what could he do from wherever-the-heck (clearly out of town) to help find the dog? Most likely absolutely nothing, therefore absolutely no reason to ruin his honeymoon with the news.

Replace the pup before they return from the trip.

If they just got it, you could probably replace it pretty easy! I doubt they have all it's markings memorized already. Neither puppy would know their name either!

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If the pup was purebred, it would have documentation, so op would have to tell them that he replaced it, especially if they already took it to the vet to get shots and such. Either way, why lie to your family? Just tell them the truth and get a new one. At least now they know not to trust you with their kids :p


Keep the documentation and get a new dog.

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You can't just keep the documentation and get a new dog, purebred dogs always have something on them to match the documents. My dog has a tattoo on her ear, the numbers match her papers. It didn't hurt her and it's so that we can always identify her :)

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Yeah but then what I'd she finds the dog a day or two later? I say tell them the truth. They'll understand.


Your picture made me laugh so hard, but I was eating a pizza bagel so I almost choked to death.

53- :O mine or 3's? If mine, I am deeply sorry for almost murdering you! T_T How can I ever be the same...

Yeah yours but you changed it I liked the pet leaf one better:(

How does this have -29 votes?! I laughed so hard when I read this comment!

-26 votes if it makes you feel better....

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Tell them he ran off, better be truthfull than make up a lie. But its probably best if you get them a new one too

Are you telling me you had a PUPPY outside not on a lead? Or are you telling me you have lost a puppy inside your own home? Either way, you are fucktarded. The poor puppy :(

Don't call someone "fucktarded" if you don't know the circumstances, as I can clearly see that you don't in your comment.

Well, what were the circumstances? Either the dog was outside uncontrolled, or a door was left open, or the dog was inside. maybe op had it on a leash outdoors and dropped the leash when they sneezed but I find it hard to believe they couldn't chase after it.

Ya I gotta go with the fucktard comment on this one. It's a puppy get off you ass and run after it fucktard!

Yeah Forreal, I've never met a puppy that could outrun me. They wobble when they walk at best! Unless when you refer to "puppy" you mean 6 months old, not 6 weeks.... Either way, good job on being careless, whether you were inside and he got out or dropped the leash or whatever anyone else is saying. Poor pup.

I would also like to point out, what kind of sneeze does OP have if they are scaring off puppies..?

Billy Madison, "You get off your ass and find that ******* dog!"

He may not have dropped the lead but the collar may have come off if it wasn't tight enough when the dog freaked. Dogs are considered puppies up until a year old, btw. So all you people saying just chase it down, you're Olympic track stars I take it?

My thoughts exactly :/ I get how you could scare a puppy with a sneeze since it was in a new and unfamiliar environment, also some people can sneeze awfully loud. But how the hell did it manage to get away?? Didn't op know to check every door and hole in the fence twice before letting it off the leash? The puppy just lost his home and mother. Of course it would be sensitive and scared..

7 is right, it's a puppy not a full grown dog, it shouldn't have been hard to follow, and it shouldn't have been in an area and circumstance where it was possible for the puppy to get away. OP obviously did SOMETHING irresponsible to result in a puppy running away and being lost for 10days.

looks like you might be making a quick trip to the pet store!

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You are an idiot. How the hell do you know what really happened? Maybe that's what you would do, but don't assume that the OP "just didn't feel like taking care of it."

What would OP gain from lying on FML?

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I agree with you 100% number 19

that must have been one badass sneeze! haha hope you find the puppy though

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All puppies are equal, **** society

Proud owner of two dogs rescued from the streets. You get the satisfaction of saving a life, and not adding the worlds over population of dogs.

**** you, I love mutts. I love all puppies. Don't be so damn insensitive.

You are all a bit too sensitive. I don't think she intended to badmouth mutts or rescued dogs. Her point was one of cost and she's right in a way. If it was a purebred dog, it will be more expensive but possibly easier to replace. A mutt is cheaper but if it was a particular hybrid, it may be tougher to locate a similar mix.